Then The Planets Realigned…

Two days ago, a friend dropped off her 3-year-old girl for a few hours to play while she ran to a morning meeting.  I was ecstatic.  The boys’ bedroom needed some serious attention, and I could get it in better shape if Cameron was distracted by a friend.  It worked.  And apparently, his observation skills were in overdrive too.  You see, she’s in the middle of being potty trained right now, and I was in the bathroom with her 3 times in the space of three hours.  Two were false alarms.

As I was hoovering up the massacred juggling ball (I’ve had since I was 19) that he ripped open with his teeth and spilled the beans everywhere, a miracle occurred: He peed on his potty.  By himself.  And I missed it.  I was a mere 6 feet away.  Wow, I was ecstatic.  We mentioned it for hours. We told Daddy.  We clapped and jumped.  We sang a song.

img_2599It was a fluke, but a great fluke nonetheless.

I’ve had that potty sitting in their bathroom for the past 6 months, just so it’s always in his line of vision.  He’s never really shown much interest in it, but I’m not too concerned, boys are harder to train.  (Do they ever fully train anyway?)

I held him on a pedestal like a prodigy.

Until yesterday.  Yesterday, the planets realigned while I was drying my hair.

glassesHe climbed up on my bed and onto the headboard.  Behind the headboard on one of the window sills were my old standby glasses.  He found them.

Life has returned to normal.  The other lens, incidentally, was found on location at a second site twenty minutes later.  Now, if I ever need glasses, I have a good excuse to get new ones.

Butter wouldn’t melt….


12 responses to “Then The Planets Realigned…

  1. He is a handsome little dude!!

  2. He is a cutie as well as a handful from what you’ve described.

  3. Lucky he is so cute! 😉
    That’s what I always tell my sassy little boys. 🙂

  4. Is it proper to say a boy is beautiful?

  5. Oooooh I’ve been going through potty training for EVER AND EVER.
    It’s making me a crazy person.

    I love all the nice things and gifts that my kids leave for me. I especially love it when they decide to try to poop on the potty AFTER they’ve done it in the diaper… FABULOUS. fetch me the bleach and rubber gloves.

  6. OH MY. Know what’s funny? I should take a picture of my glasses, because Knute snapped the ear piece off one side. I feel that pain. They never tell you this SAHM gig is hell, do they? There are days I understand how moms resort to booze.

  7. No, boys never completely potty train. I have two boys and a husband and I might I say, I do a lot of toilet cleaning. Good Luck.

    Glasses? I haven’t seen mine in 7 years. I think Little Miss had something to do with it.

    But he is a cutie so I would keep him. heh!

  8. oh haha! He is such an adorable little guy. That poopie diaper is just, well, *gag*

  9. Classic. Oh a familiar sight… the poopy nappy….but hate me but I have trained the last one of mine…just got to sort his nights out. He looks soooooo angelic. But I also think he looks v much like you here S…

  10. We use the same nappies!!!!


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