T13: There’s No Pleasing Everyone

1. Scotland: I miss sausage rolls, cheese & onion pasties and bridies.
America: I’d miss banana cream pies from Marie Callendar’s.
2. Scotland: Sometimes, all I want is a decent curry and naan.
America: I’d miss some decent Mexican food.

3.  Scotland: I miss Tesco/Morrison’s, Boots and M&S.
America: I’d miss Target, Pottery Barn and Whole Foods.

4.  Scotland:  I don’t miss the 17.5% VAT (vat=value added tax.  VALUE?!)
America:  I’m tired of paying to see the doctor and pay for prescriptions.

5.  Scotland:  I miss not getting hit by a car because we don’t have right-turn-on-red.
America:  I’d miss being able to get off at an exit (junction) and looping back on, going the opposite way.

6.  Scotland:  I miss referring to paper in A1-A6 sizes.
America:  I like the wider paper here.

7.  Scotland:  I miss reading temps in Celsius.
America:  I’m glad I don’t have to measure in kg and g, since I left right after the conversion from lb/oz.

8.  Scotland:  I miss the salt air, even the rain.
America:  I’d miss the perpetual sunshine.

9.  Scotland:  I miss Tizer, Lilt, strong ginger beer and Red Cola  (it’s red, but not a cola).
America:   I thought I had given up soda?

10.  Scotland:  I’m missing out on DVRs recording onto blank discs.
America:  I’d miss standing on a plug and not breaking my neck or foot.  (That was all I could think of).

11.  Scotland:  I miss perpetual green grass.
America:  I’d miss the variations in typography and environment.

12.  Scotland:  I miss castles, historic sites and buildings over 400 years old.
America:  I don’t have a comeback for that.

13.   Scotland:  I miss public transport.
America:  I wish houses in Scotland/The UK were bigger.

Remember when I wrote the post on creating my own country?  I realised the answer is staring me in the face!  I’m moving to Canada . . . you know, cos the first stint with immigration was so good, I’d like to do it again.


16 responses to “T13: There’s No Pleasing Everyone

  1. As long as I have you, it doesn’t matter where we go :o)

  2. Perpetual sunshine in the US? Damn! I must be living in the wrong state! 😉

  3. I like this. I might do the same type of post…maybe it’ll help me gets some perspective.

  4. VAT’s down to 15% now. I can’t believe you don’t miss Irn Bru!

  5. Damn, that boy is GOOD. Apparently, he realizes how lucky he is.

  6. Oh – I totally LOVE sausage rolls. Had them in England last year and then again, when in Trinidad. The British Empire DID leave traces of itself all over hell and creation.

  7. I read Bryan’s comment, “As long as I have you, it doesn’t matter where we go.” That says it all.

    Thanks for the list. It does help put some things in perspective about living in America.

  8. Oh Bryan is my favorite “friend’s husband” who I don’t even know 🙂 He’s a sweetie! Reminds of the things David says to me.

    Those sausage rolls look delish 🙂 Oh, and did you know that Target sells Boots? Probably not the full line, but at least you can get it in the store. Well, here in Colorado you can.

  9. The sausage rolls look delish.

    I think I would miss Scotland too. It sounds wonderful. My grandparents loved it when they visited there back in the early 80s.

  10. Wow is Bryan a keeper. That made MY heart flutter. And, I so feel the need to visit the local British-themed pub to eat a Scotch Egg & a Sausage Roll now. Thx for that, goosey.

  11. you could get some of this stuff in a different part of the States (non-perma sunshine, public transport). i would love not paying for doctors, too!! hmph! i would give up way more taxes to not have to worry about that. i LOVE mexican and would likely keel over w/o it at least 4xs a month. I’m pretty sure. now please send me some sausage rolls!! lol.

    Could SO relate to all of those though. Used to dream about getting locked in M&S foodhall overnight when I was pregnant (it was a treat – not a bad thing at all)…

  13. Excellent post! Spot on. As an American living in England, I can so relate.

  14. I miss American sunshine. And Trader Joes. And Mexican food.

  15. 75% of the time, I am dying to move back to the UK. The other 25% is when I think of how small our house will be… and that it will be covered from top to tail in drying laundry.


  16. #12. There are plenty of cultural landmarks and history in the US that are as old or older than anything in Scotland. You just need to look:

    Public transport varies from state to state. Brooklyn NY has the oldest subway station for example (yes, it predates London). Los Angeles had one of the largest public transport systems in the US but it was dismantled (sadly) in the 60s.

    You just need to look in different parts of the country. Scotland/the UK is very small, it would be odd if the public transport wasn’t good. That saying about Texas being bigger than France? It’s actually true. The whole of the UK is smaller than some states.

    The US has a lot of history that gets ignored by the older countries. It really is an interesting country.

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