ceud mile Ĉilte

(a hundred thousand welcomes)

Oh good, you made it. Thanks for taking the time to visit the new home for my old Blog. Please take a wee minute to tell me you were here or make an off-topic comment. Anything that comes to mind, really.

Slan! Bye!

69 responses to “Guestbook

  1. I love being one of your WEE SWEETIES, but where is my pic?

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  2. Hey there!… thanks for the heads up on the new space, I like it!… I know what you mean about the other lot changing things, not that happy with it myself so looking at moving too.
    Will keep popping in as I do like to read what your up to!


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  3. Thanks for the invite to the new space. I would surely miss my visits to you and your adorable little family.

  4. thanks for telling me the new site, I have a 4 year old son-caleb. I do like the same things as you and kid programs-the upside down show as well. My son is really into Wow Wow Wubbsy and the Hoobs.

  5. Thanks for letting me know about new site, I have missed you for about a year and now it is great too see you back. Congrat’s on your new son, he is lovely. Hope Gran is comfortable..go back and see her. Take care.
    Anne (from Bellshill)

  6. Hey there, long time no ‘speak’ as it were. Nice header for your new blog! Glad things are going so well for you and the family.

    I’ve also started a new blog as well. I’m keeping the old one, but keeping that focused on my travel stuff, Seattle pictures and of course the cats! The new one, is there to support the studio that I opened up last year and is starting to get content from the various photography sessions that we are doing. Should you ever find yourself heading in the Seattle direction you should swing by for a visit for sure.


  7. Just had to drop you a line here in the guestbook. I forgive you that you have been busy and neglecting to come by and see me. *sniff* lol Naw, with two cute kiddos I’m sure you are extremely busy. I love what you have done with the place here and look forward to keeping up with you and the crew.

  8. Hey. We found each other on NaBloPoMo back in November. I hated your MSN live spaces too! Sorry, but I did. I would visit once in a while, but couldn’t comment and all that other baloney, so I had stopped coming by. But now? Now I can comment, see?

    By the way, I’m eternally grateful to you for introducing me (via your blog) to the Elf Yourself thingie at Christmas. Oh lordy did we have fun with that!

  9. Hello Siobhan! You’ve made yourself at home in this smart new space, haven’t you? I hope all three of your boys are doing well. The oldest boy is quite the poet, isn’t he? Thanks for sharing your lovely Valentine with us.

    I’ve been blogging sporadically these days, but hope to return next month. And I’ve been dithering about whether I should dump MSN for quite some time. I think you’ve inspired me to take the plunge.

    It seems that we share more than just an affection for “real” football–I had no idea that you liked penguins! (That’s #96 on your 101). I think every room in this house has at least one depiction of a penguin. I hope that you have a few as well!

  10. Hey remember me, from those good old days in PA. Holly sent me an email and I found your site from sheila Bee’s blog. Hope all is well and check out our blog.

  11. I think I want to be your blog.

  12. Hi Siobhan. Just came by to see how you’re doing. Glad you had a chance to get back the U.K. I have you in my ‘favorites’.

  13. Hello…My name is Shelle…I am from Utah in the United States…I found your blog but “blog surfing”, so can’t totally tell you exactly which blog I came from! You’re hilarious…and I love the football photo!


  14. I made it! I made it!!!
    Got some reading to do… but I like the looks of this here place!

    Ciao bella,

  15. A huge “HELLO” all the way from Canada.
    I just happened to stumble upon your site- & i’m sure glad I did! You gave me a fit of the giggles which was just what I needed! I will be sure to tune in often- by the way, I’ve never been to Scotland, but it is part of my heritage & I actually felt nolstagic for somewhere i’ve never been?? Go figure?

  16. Hello from Australia
    nice to meet you,Great site!

  17. Hi! I randomly found your post about the places in Scotland that you miss. As an American who has fallen in love with Scotland, I heartily agree. I’ve visited about half of the places you posted, and they are all amazing. 🙂 (Now I’ve got a checklist of stuff to see for when I go back.)

    In fact, I tried to do the reverse of what you did by coming here, but it didn’t work out too well, and I’m still in the states. For now. Anyway, you’ve got a spiffy blog.


  18. Hey there… well I’ve done it.. I’ve moved!… come on over!

  19. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!! YAY…I’m so glad i found you again!!

  20. Your new photo is just lovely. You are gorgeous!

  21. Hello Stranger!

    I remember voting for your old space and you actually won! Your new site looks awesome! Well done mate. Siobhan ROCKS!!!!!!!

    Love always,

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    24442 Kinsman Street
    Harrison Township, Michigan 48045-1039
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  22. Hi, there! I like watching your face. It remind me to my wife. She’s an Indonesian teacher. You look a good and moderate woman. Is that right? Share experiences of yours. Thanks a lot.

  23. Hi There,
    I just found your blog and enjoyed reading your posts. I am also from Scotland (Glasgow) and I came to the states 12 years ago on holiday. I met a man,married him and ended up with 3 kids. Word of the week is hilarious, all things I say and are misunderstood .
    Keep blogging,

  24. Hey,

    Well i apologise for your unwanted association with being British. Im english myself, but my wife has Full Scottish ancestory. We moved to Utah a couple of months ago, and realised how much we missed the food, so we started importing it and selling it. AND one of our favorites it the INFAMOUSLY SCOTTISH IRN BRU. you should check out the website: We would appreciate it even more if you could put a link from your blog to the website as we are selling a scottish beverage.

    Great Blog, i enjoyed reading it!!

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  27. I love your blog. I too am a Brit who visited the west coast of the US for a visit and ended up staying. Well, I went back to London for two years and continued a holiday romance that I started during my visit. Then I came back to get married. I’m now an alien spouse.

    I love you 101 list!

  28. Hi Sweetie,

    Just wanted to say hello and that I am going to try this thing again myself. I would love to have your help… Thank you for being the most wonderful wife in the whole world :o)

  29. Hi people

    As a fresh user i just wanted to say hello to everyone else who uses this board B-)

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  31. Hello! I stopped by, by way of PhotoHunt. I’ve poked around a wee bit, and feel compelled to poke around a bit more. I’m a word-lover, and am intrigued by your word of the week series.

    I love the idea of a guestbook page!

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    hope this doesn’t offend anyone ..not intended to do so ..

  35. peekaboo ..p.s ..
    ” Celt ” is pronounced ” Kelt ”..
    just in case folks were relating the word to a certain Glasgow footie team ..

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  37. I noticed your personality and facial features (med. brown hair, blue-gray eyes, square jawline) are similar to mine. I am an ISTJ, though. Have you met anyone with my last name in Scotland? I think it’s an English surname, but I could be mistaken. My family says we’re Irish, but most Americans are uninterested in heritage or confused about their origins. Oh well, I figured I would ask. Good day to you!

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  39. Found through a friend’s web site (Beth Martin). I have just started a blog myself. I am a Texan who has been living in Italy for the past 11 years. I am inspired by your blog. Keep it up!

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