You may be asking, why ‘A Brit Different‘ when you’re a Scot/Scottish, and rightly so.  Usually the last thing a Scot admits is their Britishness — we’re defiantly Scottish, not British!  The truth of it is, we are.  In spite our fierce national patriotism, we hold British passports, we are a part of the British commonwealth.  But, all that aside, why did I pick this name?  Two reasons really:

1.  I was tired of people in real life telling me I wasn’t British.  Somehow I’m proving my point
2.  I couldn’t think of anything catchy with the word Scot, tartan, kilt or porridge in it

In October of 1999 I came out to California for a holiday for 2 weeks to visit an old friend.  After much coaxing, she convinced me to come out for 6 months.  I moved to the States in the dead of winter of 1999 for a change of scenery.  I had made a few changes in my life before this point and felt like I had hit a rut.  I was going round in circles and I hated it.  So, I made the leap, packed my bags, kissed my Mum and told her I’d see her in 3 months.  It was 3 years before she saw me again.

I met an amazing man just a few months after moving here and stuck around ‘to see what would happen’.  A year later we were married.  We have two boys; one who doesn’t eat and the other who doesn’t sleep.   We moved states to Montana 2 years ago, and are finally beginning to feel at home here, in spite of ourselves. Living the country life after being around the city since year dot was a huge adjustment — except for our 4-year-old who took it in his strong-willed, pee-pee holding stride; the other one (21 months old) was still incubating at the time.

I enjoy music, the arts, reading dictionaries, drawing and painting and living next to a water mass. I’m a true INFJ, sensitive, sarcastic and usually sleep deprived.

My blog is generally loaded with self-depreciating humour and smeared with a good helping of sarcasm. Come for the accent. Stay for the sarcasm.


18 responses to “About

  1. I love your new “home” here. I’ve been thinking about doing something similar, and getting away from ‘spaces’. You are encouraging me. Thanks for the ‘heads-up’.

  2. The new masthead is very cool. And the new site seems nice enough, but where is the RSS feed????

    I want to subscribe to you, my dear.

  3. Thanks for the link I made it over here, didn’t know that you had moved and I too love the new masthead. Sorry to hear about your Gran but at least you get a visit home to go and see her. Have a jock pie for me ok.

  4. Thanks for the visit ,we have lots of Scots in Aus , very few aussies dont know someone from Scotland,many of us originated from there. I myself am a Macdonald, or was pre-marriage.LOL!
    I went for a visit,great scenery , great locals, lousy weather.

  5. Thanks for the beautiful pics. I love Scotland forever too. Scotland’s loss of you is our (USA’s) gain.

  6. very nice to have many hoppies alongside with your duties

  7. Cool blog. ENFP here. I would think blogging would come very naturally to an INFJ!

  8. The country.. naaaaic…
    the city.. not so naaic..

  9. Great blog! Have you ever written any songs?

  10. Enjoyed reading your postings.Could not email you as your email connection does not work.Can you give me your e-mail address?

  11. I hope you see my message and give me your email address at the earliest.I have been trying to find friends on Facebook who are literate,interesting,doing interesting stuff or are professionals with interesting work experience but have not found any.All ( well a majority) of the girls have only sex and partying and booze on their mind.So your blog/writing is very refreshing.
    I have lived in England from 1954 to 1958 as a post graduate student and then working as an engineer in London.I have seen parts of Scotland,Oban,Edinburgh,Glasgow,Loch Ness,etc.So you being ex-Scottish has special appeal to me.Please send your e-mail address asap.

  12. Sarcasm will always get my vote, there’s little enough of it around here.

  13. When I entered the phrase “oot scoot you’re oot” in Google (with the quotation marks) only one entry came up from the entire world.

    Thank you

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