Wish You Were Here…

Well, we made it here in one piece and in good time.  It took us ten hours to drive here (just outside Glasgow) from London.  Mapquest says you can do it in seven without stopping.  We got to my Mum’s last night just after 8:30 p.m.

The boys did great on the plane, in fact — they were near perfect.  Cameron got a little cranky near the end of the last flight, but other than that they were quiet and well-behaved.  You would have hardly known they were on the flight except for the myriad of questions Ian was firing at Bryan all the time.  And, they managed to sleep a lot which did they great.  Their ears didn’t bother them either, I was pleasantly surprised.  We were a little jet-lagged this morning, but are doing great.

True to form, Scotland is wet and very windy.  Just like it was when I left.  Bryan almost expected a hurricane the wind was blowing so hard.  The (mile wide) river even had white peaks everywhere.

As a closing thought, I’d just like to say, if you ever have the opportunity to travel to Scotland and you can save $1200 flying to Heathrow instead of Glasgow–just spend the money, it’s well worth it.


24 responses to “Wish You Were Here…

  1. I’m thrilled that you all made it without any undress stress! I haven’t flown transatlantic with two small kids… just cross country. By myself. *groans*
    Hugs for you all… and a special hug for your Gran. Please let her know that she’s made an impression across the pond. 🙂

  2. Well done, Winsome Traveller and family. Give your Gran a big hug for me – somehow, I think much of what you are lies in that woman – so those of us that have come to know you, owe her – big time.

  3. thanks for posting so quickly. i kept checking your blog to see if there was any news, and i was so glad to see that you’ve arrived safely and everything went well! now have a wonderful time!

  4. So glad you got over ok. It’ll be interesting to see if your accent gets stronger being ‘home’ and whether your kdis can still understand you!!! Hope it’s going ok with your gran. Did you nearlyu collapse when yoy had to fill up with petrol?? Take care. Eat a Mars Bar for me 🙂

  5. anglophilefootballfanatic

    I’m with mumof4 eat a Mars bar. And, I’m so glad you guys made it over safely & without major incident. Enjoy your trip home & we’ve missed you.

  6. Glad you had a safe trip!

  7. yay for going home!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Glad that all of you made it in one piece and with little wear to show. Have a great time.

  9. So glad you got their safely and easily. Have a wonderful visit!

  10. Good that you had a pleasant trip over.. hope your visit is fabulous! Take lots of photos and keep us posted! Have a great time!

  11. I’m so glad you guys got there alright and the fact that the boys were angels is wonderful. I wouldn’t blame them if they got cranky though, that is a long flight and I too would probably have whipped out the crankybutt attitude after a while if I didn’t have something to do. I wish you well. Keep in touch! Good luck over there. If I knew you better I’d say PLEASE OH PLEASE bring me a postcard from Scotland. I collect them. lol

  12. So glad you all made it safe and sound! Have a fun time and soak up every drop of your family and Scottland that you can!

  13. Well done you! I’m sure part of the boys’ great behaviour was a calm mother (and father!). I always say, it’s never as bad as you expect it to be – except when they scream the whole way over!

  14. I hope you have the best visit ever. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  15. thanks for the tip. I so want to visit and travel all over Europe with my husband some day 🙂

  16. So glad that you all made it safe and with sanity intacked. Thanks for the travel info too, the wife and I are seriously talking about Scotland for next May…

  17. Do they have plaid diapers (nappies) over there in bonny Scotland?

    Hope you have a great visit, Siobhan!

  18. Glad to hear you made it safe and mostly sane!

  19. Well guess you don’t have to wish i was here, welcome back and hope your having a great trip (sucky weather aside)

  20. I’m glad you made it safely. Sorry about the weather (not that I have anything to do with it, I swear), but we’re supposed to get some sun over the next few days.

  21. hope you’re having an awesome time!

  22. Siobhan, I hope you and your three boys have a wonderful trip. I’m looking forward to reading your next report soon!

  23. Thinking about you guys today. *waves transatlantically*
    So, like spring water, does Irn Bru taste better from the source? 🙂

  24. So glad you arrived safe and sound! Have a great trip!

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