Photo Diary

I decided to take photos of me and the boys tonight. Okay, so I didn’t look my best, but I didn’t care (too much).

I grabbed Cameron and snapped a pic. First try. Looks great. Next!

Now it’s Ian’s turn. Cute, but I think we can do better.

Trying to chase him down for another photo proved harder than first anticipated. You see, it was the first real snowfall of the year and Ian was uber excited.

Rather than risk getting his trousers wet, he ripped them off and took off outside in the snow, wearing only his Transformers underpants. Sicko.

Now bored, I take one of myself.

Undeterred, I try again. Eyes closed. Nice.

Now he takes one of me. We’re off task here PEOPLE.

He starts “gawping”.

Then tries to do some kind of face fart. Charming child.

May as well join him.

He attempts a sly face lick.

Great, a good shot of me. He suuuuuuuuuuucks!

Now I look drunk.

I give up.

Rule #1: If you think you can do better–you can’t.


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