Hai-look-at-you Friday

Haiku FridayYes, we all say it
But this is a first for me
I bore a genius

He built it himself
Some mad skills I don’t possess
He was just as proud

I was glad for once
Look, he kept his trousers on!
Pity–no shirt though

Love that 3-year-old scary smile.


26 responses to “Hai-look-at-you Friday

  1. Gotta love the stickle-bricks. We used to play with them at my gran’s.
    He is a cutie and a smartie too.

  2. What a creative little guy!

  3. looks like you’ve got a handsome little prodigy there! be prepared to be amazed by that one!

  4. Holy crap! He IS a genius! WOW! A genius AND cute! Fab combo!

  5. Wow, what a smart little man!

  6. WOW that’s great! Happy Friday!

  7. Looks like you have an engineer in training there!

  8. wonder what he might build next!!

    great haiku!

  9. Super Genius! Great ‘ku. He’s a cutie.

    Happy Friday!

  10. That is a genius invention!!

  11. anglophilefootballfanatic

    Tell me the truth, S: is three as bad as I’ve been led to believe? We’ve suddenly had “moments” of insanity over here.

    And, way to build it! I agree. Looks very engineerish to me. I love the smile. Looks like red lips? Kool Aid?

  12. Yup. That kid has TALENT! By golly, I see great things ahead for him!! And it’s a good thing you caught him with his pants on.

  13. Precious pictures and wonderful achievement on the part of your little one (the vehicle construction … though perhaps keeping the pants on too?) … and your ‘Ku … Definitely genius qualities all around!!!
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. Beauty AND brains! Your boy has it all! And I won’t forget about Cameron either. He’s as adorable as they come and if he’s learning from his older brother…he’s sure to be smart as a whip!

    I love the part about him keeping his pants on as though it’s a surprise. Cracked me up! And as far as the shirt is concerned…I guess you can’t have it all!

  15. That is great, he should be proud!

    Happy Friday!

  16. I love how kids just do this kind of stuff! Your boy ROCKS!

  17. Looks like you’ve got a future engineer on your hands!

  18. Cool car! Got a little Monster Garage car designer on your hands.

  19. I used to love those blocks! Great car, fabulous design and color usage!
    Yep, he’s brilliant!

  20. He’s a cute little guy and way to go on the car. I see a promising future. 🙂

  21. He built it by himself? Very cool!

    We have stickle bricks here too – I found a set in the recycling area at the dump! I had been looking for them in the stores and couldn’t find any, and then there they were for the taking 🙂

  22. He is so stinkin’ cute…and talented! That is quite impressive. He’s a manly man….he must have worked up a sweat constructing and had to take off his shirt 😉

  23. Hey he is just helping you out with the laundry by going shirtless. The way kids are today it will only be a few more years and you’ll she that shirtless boy with a big tattoo on his arm. Hopefully it will say “MOM”.

  24. He is so cute! and the heck with engineering – I think he’s gonna be an auto designer or a mechanic or whatever he heck he wants to be.

    Great photo!

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