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T13: My Thoughts From This Week

1. I can’t believe it’s September already, where did the time go?
2. I had no idea dogs/puppies could belch. Fart, yes. Belch? No clue.
3. I thought I would have been happier that Ian started Pre-school again this year, but I found myself moping around on Wednesday while he was gone. He goes Mon, Wed, Fri for 2½ hours – just enough time to get absolutely nothing accomplished.
4. I finally have a pair of contacts in that my eyes like. They’re called aspheric lenses and are great for people (like me) with slight astigmatisms. My eye doc wants $32 a box, so I phoned Costco; they’re a much more pleasant $13.99 a box. Guess where I’ll be going?
5. I’m itching to go back to Scotland. It’s been 5 months since I last saw my family. Let’s not forget it was 5 years previous to that that I was last there, but these few months suddenly feel like a lifetime.
6. I am loving having a 4-year-old but could do without the whining.
7. Why does WordPress remove my two-spaces-after-a-sentence and replace it with one?
8. I’m working towards building my ex-pat empire on bloglines. I love finding new ones, so if you know any out there that you love, send them to me (because you love me).
9. Cameron is getting quite verbose. Listen.
10. I am SO excited BBC America is showing a top prog from Britain – Gavin & Stacey. We saw a few episodes when we were there in March/April and totally loved it. I resigned myself to the fact that I may only get to see it on youtube, but then saw an clip for the first episode a few weeks ago, and scrambled to DVR all episodes before I forgot about it altogether. My little brother said, “it’s everyone’s favourite new show here, just like Father Ted and The Office used to be.” Excellent. I’m already loving it myself, even just after two episodes. It has been nominated for nine awards and won five. It’s on every Tuesday, check it out.
11. There’s nothing quite as cool than to hear the new Pre-school teacher say to you, “I LOVE your son! He’s my favourite [grin], he is so well behaved.” There’s 10 kids in the class and two teachers.
12. The morning frost needs to GO AWAY.
13. Toby (the dog) and I are becoming good friends. He’s totally crate trained, sits when he feels like it, will drop contraband if I approach him. And since today, also obeys the Come! command. Woohoo!


The Questions Running Through Ma Heid

1. Why is it when you’re trying to be quiet and creep through a room so as not to awake the occupant, your toes crack like bottle rockets?

2. Am I alone in thinking this, or is it weird that my new Mennonite neighbours across the street are lying sunbathing wearing bikinis and their hats?

3. Why do I get in lulls when it comes to blogging?

4. I need to go to bed earlier instead of sorting my iTunes music into playlists. I invariably end up listening to the Bobby Brown Ghostbusters theme tune, and have no shame admitting it either.

5. Six nights and counting until we need to pack for a trip out-of-state. I hate packing. I hate coming back to a disorganised house, but I know it’s going to happen too. Can I pay someone to do it and pick up after us?

6. Why do I have 11 posts in my drafts? I need to grow some cachungas and post them.

7. I’ve had a Netflix film for 2.5 weeks, what’s wrong with me?

8. How can someone who worked for an in-bound call centre (and loved it) occasionally get phone phobia?

9. Is it wrong to name your descrete Mummy Tummy pooch? We’ve become friends. His name is Juan and he loves mint Oreo double stuft by the row. I think it’s time for the treadmill again.

10. Slip n’ slides are so liberating. What is it about deliberately falling on your backside that brings so much unadulterated joy? I jumped into the boys’ two-sided pool yesterday, skidded and biffed it too. Felt great.

11. Why is ripping your nappy/diaper off (with a gift) first thing so appealing?

12. Why do I never get around to reading my Bloglines feedreader these days?

13. What kind of recycling plant doesn’t accept glass? Mine. Seems strange to me.

14. Why can’t I just finish the book I’m reading?