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Haiku-chee-coo Friday

It’s the little thingsHaiku Friday
That speak volumes to my soul
Flowers, [British] choc-late, card

There was something else
I can’t quite live without it
The old two died Dec.

Yes! There’s naught quite like
A new Sonicare toothbrush
To say, ‘I love you!’

I love me some Sonicare. When the two we had had for six years up and died a few months ago, I was lost without mine. We had a $25 off coupon for Costco and got a set of two for not much more than one elsewhere.

He bought me pretty flowers, a Terry’s chocolate orange, a beautiful, perfect card (words below) and then drove (the 45 miles) to ‘the big city’ and took me shopping. I love that man.

Sometimes you surprise me
by asking if I still love you,
still find you

And I wonder,
how could you
not know?

My love for you is so strong
that I think the whole world must see it.
The slightest thought of you
during the day
still excites me.

And when I see you,
all can think about
is that moment
when our lips will touch.

Time could never dim
my love for you,
because with every beat of my heart,
I only want you more.

The tears flowed as I read more and more, and right about there, my heart melted.