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Word of the Week


To get or take a red neck is to be embarrassed to the point of blushing:

“Ah get a red neck every time that wean opens his mouth.”

In a bar, if a customer asks for a bottle of beer by the neck this means he doesn’t want it poured into a glass, whether because he intends to use a glass he already has or because he intends to drink straight from the bottle:

“Gie’s two pints of Seventy an’ a Sol by the neck.”

To go on one’s neck means to fall heavily, especially flat on one’s back:

“She walked onty the flerr (floor) and went on her neck, the soul.”

To brassneck it to try and get away with something by a show of sheer confidence and nerve:

“if they ask ye fir yer ticket, jist brassneck it and say yer with the band.”

Hear me say it.