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Help I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

I’ve cornered myself into a self-made trap.  Okay, it wasn’t all self-made, but still, I pretty much allowed it.

In September, a good friend of mine invited me over for a night with the girls.  Not just any ordinary night, though.  No.  A Pampered Chef fancy pants night.

Ten years ago, you could safely say I didn’t know much (okay, anything) about Pampered Chef.  A friend of mine bought me a Cookie Press about seven years ago, which, admittedly, I still haven’t used.  I looked the company up online and browsed through their products, that was about it.  Then five years later, I went to a party and checked out their regalia in the catalogue and became a total skeptic.  I saw the prices and my jaw dropped.

So, I’m sitting next to a dear friend of mine, Diane, an older lady with a sweet heart and an engaging personality.  Since moving here just over a year ago, I have lynched on to a few select people.  The type of people you just mesh with right off the bat.  The ones who let you be your complete self.  She was one of them.  I had heard her talk in front of a crowd a few times and I was just drawn to her.  Her experiences and trials just amazed me.  She had that way of making you laugh and cry all in the same instance.

The first time I chatted with her, I knew she had been one of those women who’d been hardened by life experiences – I was a small reflection of her when I was younger.  I think that was the reason I looked up to her so much.  She was my Gran to me, and I just adored that woman.  I looked on her that way anyway and she knows it (she’s since moved away and I’m still pretty cut up about it).  Anyway, we got quietly chatting and I asked her opinion on a few of the things in the catalogue.  I knew she’d give me a straight answer and would tell me if I was wasting my money or not.  She’s the type of woman that has seen a lot and been through so much that you just instantly trust and respect their opinion.  So I did.  Then I ordered a few things and filled out one of those gimmick cards to enter the instant drawing.

Would you be interested in hosting a Show?  Yes.  No.  Maybe.

Being the indecisive person that I can be on occasion, I marked “maybe”.  I didn’t feel like committing to anything, but the thought of having people over and entertaining, intrigued me.  Inevitably, the consultant talked me into it.  A month and a half later (15 Oct), I hosted my show.  I was fairly nervous leading up to it.  In the six-and-a-half years Bryan and I have been married, I’ve never once entertained for a crowd of non-relatives.  I really had a great time.  Sixteen people came and a few others dropped by and some ordered online or over the phone.  It was really quite successful, but to be truthful, I didn’t do it for the kickback, I did it for the social side of it.  Despite that, I got a really nice return on it and picked out quite a few free products, so I was really happy.

Another friend of mine from the previous party hosted too.  Hers was on Thursday.  She came to mine, so I went to hers.  You know that one.  A neighbour of mine who was at my party received a lot of P.C. items as wedding gifts, so she was all over the idea of hosting too.  So, guess where I’m headed 12th December?  Yeah.  Up the street.

I have a feeling the cycle’s going to keep going and I’ll be doing this for the next few months.  If I do keep it up though, the consultant will start using her Jedi mind tricks on me, and I’m pretty sure Life Alert will drop kick me for paging them for that.