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HF: My Brave Wee Pooper

Haiku FridaySurrounded by poo
Nappies were rarely just pee
Went on forever

Thought it was his teeth
I’m still hoping it’s his teeth
Gluten allergies?

Theory: I have one
I really hope it’s not true
He has dairy squirts

Aww, poor little man
“Cheese” is a new word for him
Let’s hope it’s not that

Being a second-time Mum, I’m a little more laid back, I don’t feel like I react like I did with Ian, but of course, concern is still there. He rarely has had just a pee nappy for over 2.5 months and I knew it had to be something else and not teething — quietly hoping it wasn’t.

We took Cameron to the doctor on Wednesday, they squeezed us in. I mentioned the slightly elevated temperature, the ear tugging and the nasty nappies. He told me he didn’t have an ear infection, but his frequent “movements” could be an allergy to gluten. That would be such a nightmare, then again, I don’t like the idea of him having an intestinal disdain for dairy either. He handed me some paperwork for the blood work and we went across the street to the lab at the hospital.

I knew he was a little toughie, he rarely cries from needle jabs in the legs. Bryan sat with him and held down an arm to minimise the flailing and showed him his mobile/cell phone. The phlebotomist was great, but even more surprising, Cameron did amazing too. All he did was stare at her jabbing him for the blood draw and pull out a wee petted lip. No tears, no wailing. he was a wee champion!

Now we have to play the waiting game, and if the results are negative, no dairy products will be gracing his life for two weeks. He’ll be “maaah”ing for yogurt and cheese.

Life will be bleeting fantastic.