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HF: What a Difference a Week (Well…5 Days) Makes

Haiku FridayI will eat my words
A week ago, I said:
“Not buying this year”

Little did I know
We’d buy something on Wednesday
We went to “just look”

Car salesmen disgust
E’er the sickening optimists
I tend to ignore

Me? Hard customer?
I told him we’d sleep on it
He didn’t like that

We both stood to leave
He ran off to speak to boss
Then got in our face

He was desperate
“OK, what if we threw in
free oil changes?

It would be for life”
I was sick of the hounding
“OK fine, do it”

Suddenly he smiled
And I began to stress out
Car payments — again!

Life has been stress-free
Nothing for 3.5 years
We’re slaves, yet again

I broke my own pact
“I’ll ne’er own a minivan!”
Silver! Garage! NOW!