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How I Snagged a NYT Bestseller for Free

PhotoStory Friday

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I love to read.  Let me rephrase that:  I love to read books without pictures – although I will make an exception with The Gruffalo – and I try to grab the chance whenever I can; although I will say this, I don’t get the opportunity to read quite as much as I’d like due to little person obligations x2.  When I do find and make the time, the R.E.M.-like eye movements drop me right to sleep within twenty minutes.  It’s a curse.

I always hover around the book displays in Costco (and why is there always a weird trainspotting, anorak-wearing, mid-forties guy there that looks me up and down and grins?) and look for my next prey.  Sometimes I see something I really want — like the other day.  I went in for the kill and snagged it right up.  What a steal at $6.89!

As we were nearing the tills/checkout/cash registers/whatever they’re bloody called, I remembered that I’d forgotten my sweet coupon book, conveniently 45 miles to the south of us sitting on my kitchen counter smirking at me.  I had three coupons I wanted to utilise: $2 off Charmin, $2 off Bounty and $3 off Chinet dinner plates.  Hey, when you spend $244, you take what you can get.

I ran to the service desk and asked them if they had any coupon books left.
“Yes, here use this, but don’t tear any of them out, we need it back–”

I’d like to unequivocally state that I’m a frickin genius.  And just for the record?  My 4-year-old concurs.  This book was essentially free, with eleven cents to spare, thank you very much.  I was openly gloating at my own resourcefulness.  And, I have no shame.

Now, if I could just snag a self-hosted 3-year subscription website for free, I’ll be quite happy.

What kind of deals have you snagged lately?


HF: The Day We Left Daddy to Go Grab Milk

Haiku FridayA bedtime story
Can open the door to whole new worlds
Young minds delighted

Plot, characters, storyline
All paint a picture

Then, it’s weeks later
We walk in a store — loo break
Just for Daddy though

We start to walk on
“Ian, don’t drop your sandwich!”
“Daddy will find us”

Innocent wee mind
He left a trail of Subway
Damn Hansel, Gretel!

You don’t think they hear
Or understand an old tale
I’ll take stones next time

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