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A 3-year-old’s Guide to Haiku Fibbing

My happiest times
Are when they play together
Saves me the effort!

A quiet convo
With my travelling husband
He shared my happies

Thirty-five minutes
They were playing in Cam’s room
Did I speak too soon?

Off to the kitchen
To grab a glass of water
I turned, saw his face

My voice raised an eighth!
“Good grief! What happened Ian?!”
“He did it himself”

It’s talcum powder. Ask me how many times I’ve used it? I despise the stuff, it’s so useless. Okay, now ask me why I kept it.

Bryan, if you’re reading this: the kids are perfect angels, the house is spotless and I’m receiving a full eight hours of restful, undisturbed sleep.

Haiku Friday