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I want to add more photos in the album, but can’t.  Bryan’s at a week-long Scout Camp and has taken the camera with him.  I got some really cool scenic shots of where we live the other day – I wish I’d thought to upload them before he left.
Speaking of cool, I had two guys come over yesterday and install air conditioning for us.  It’s been the hottest summer on record for this area of MT (of course) and we were melting without anything.  When Bryan and I came here almost a year ago to house hunt, people said, “oh no, you don’t need air conditioning, just open your windows for two weeks of the year, you’ll be fine.”  So needless to say, we were excited for that prospect, especially considering we were moving from the desert.
The first guy that showed up, Scott, arrived just after 10 a.m. to install the unit and the coil and anything else he took down the crawl space or outside with him.  Ian was so excited.  He hung out with Scott for most of the morning, and by Scott’s admission – after I thanked him for letting Ian hang out with him and for entertaining him – said Ian kept him company.
By 5 o’clock, Scott was done and another guy showed up, Gerry.  Gerry was fascinating to Ian too, but no doubt because he had a small blow torch with him to weld the copper pipping inside and out.  By 6:15, he was gone too, and I excitedly got the house down to a comfortable 80ºF (27ºC).  At 9 p.m., I turned the AC off and opened all the windows and let the now cool air breeze in through the house.
So now I’m sitting here this morning, slightly ticked off.  It’s usually 79ºF by this time in here, and today (of course) it’s still just a very comfortable 73ºF (23ºC).  I have no words for that.
I’m hoping that’s all I have to be disgusted about though, because you know they say incidents happen in threes.  Well, I’m still waiting for number three.  A week-and-a-half ago, Bryan and I had just woken and were laying chatting in bed.  Suddenly there was a huge cracking noise and we sprang up to find the source of the smashed glass noise.  One of the three small windows above our bed broke for no reason – on the inside pane.  Thankfully the house is still under warranty and we got the window replaced for free.  Kelly was installing the replacement window and was taping in the last piece of plastic window seal — and crack, it smashed again.  I would have laughed harder if it hadn’t been 98ºF outside.
Sunday, Bryan took a half day from work to pack for Scout Camp, and as he was walking past the fridge, heard hissssssssss!  “Oh crap”, he thought, “it’s the fridge”, pulled it out and listened.  No, it was coming from the wall.  The crawl space!  He ran for it and flew down there to investigate.  A pipe was spraying out water, and who knows how long it had been doing it either.  I don’t remember hearing anything that morning, but I had a floor fan, The Wonder Pets, Ian and Cameron to muffle any sounds before heading off to Church with them.  Bryan turned off the water supply and joined me.
After we got home, we called the general contractor and he sent a plumber in 10 minutes.  Turns out the connector in the basement between the water pipe and the fridge was faulty and that’s what was spraying the water out.  Looking back, I’m just glad it happened now and not when we decided to go on vacation for 2 weeks.
So here I sit, wondering what number 3 will be, hoping it happens in the next two months because by then our lovely warranty is up.  And that would be about as welcome as a double cheeseburger at a Bar Mitzvah party.