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Word of the Week

lucky bag:barbie-lucky-bag

A bag containing sweets and a cheap toy or gift, as bought by children from sweetie shops.  The point is, the purchaser doesn’t know exactly what is in the bag until it is opened, and the term is often used to disparage something the speaker doesn’t think much of:

“That’s some mobile phone you’ve got there;  get it in a lucky bag, did ya?”

* I suppose the American term for this is Crackerjack box.

Hear my audio.


Word of the Week


A shy is a throw-in in a game of football:
“The big donkey’s last shot was that far off the mark it went out for a shy on the other side.”

To shy the ball is to use it in a throw-in:

“He shied it right inty the goalmouth.”   Hear it.

T13: Happiness is…

Okay, so it’s late; but I’ve been gone all day.

1. Finding $10 in your winter coat you forgot you had.

2. Colouring with crayons. Alone.

3. Realising the full potential of a set of headphones and the volume control.

4. A box of Krusteaz Lemon Bars…oh sweet heaven, I love these things. They need to start selling them in Scotland! If you don’t like lemon bars, you don’t love the baby Jesus!

5. Discovering your laundry hamper does have a bottom to it. The others probably do too…

6. Buying super-sweet toys.

7. Walking into an optometrist’s office with +7.5 and +6.5 lenses and walking out with +4.5 and +5.0. It’s a medical miracle ladies and gentlemen! There’s no reason for it, and the only thing I can think of is having Cameron may have caused it. At this rate, if I have two more, I could be 20/20 in say, 6 years. Bonza!

8. Watching a beatbox championship on youtube.

9. Listening to a child’s hearty laugh.

10. Finishing a bloody list.

11. Getting a package in the mail.

12. Saving money because people like your accent. The most I’ve ever saved? Over $300. Don’t hate.

13. Me time. Any kind of me time.