A Voice From the Dust

There has been silence here.  Dust has settled and I have been very sporadic in my visits to others (blog-wise).  One of my reasons was March.  I couldn’t face it at all.  It was when we left for Scotland a year ago, and I have been pining for it off and on ever since.  I didn’t think I would miss the familiarity of it since I have become so embedded here.

But I do.

Part of it is my Gran though.  But if I go back she won’t be there anyway.  Yet another reason March was tough to handle.  It gave me my perspective on life though.  I felt like I had become so consumed in making sure I was caught up on others’ lives that I had come to love so dearly, that I was ignoring my real life going on right in front of me.

But how do you say goodbye to something you have been doing diligently for 4 years?  You can’t.

I love writing.  I think about each word I use, and, as a result, some posts have seriously taken a lot of of me.  Blogging and keeping up with the likes isn’t easy.  I’m definitely not turning my back on it.  I just need/needed to refocus.  I should have left a note.  I should have called.  I should have done something!

And strangely, my husband has missed my writing.  Once, when I was still actively blogging, he even remarked, “I see less of you, but so much more of you.”  But even with the prodding, all I could think about was how I felt compelled to blog, but not because I wanted to,  because I felt I had to, and that’s when I realised I had come to the point of doing it for the wrong reasons.

But something else has taken my attention a little.  Something little just now, and maybe not so little in the future.

I have been staring at a family photo on our entryway wall, and much like a scene from Back to the Future, I felt like someone was missing.  If I’m being honest, I’ve felt that way for almost a year, right before we bought the Dodge Caravan (the ’92 Ford Explorer was such a money pit anyway, but still).

I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and doing very well.  My to-be-determined little one is due the last week of October, which, if I am completely honest, feels like a lifetime away.  But.  But!  This is the first pregnancy where I can actually say I am having the baby the same year!

So, although life isn’t different, it is just a little.


31 responses to “A Voice From the Dust

  1. I am SO happy for you. My patience has been rewarded (you’ve posted again) and apparently, so has yours. Well done you. Very well done.

  2. I am thrilled to see you back and bearing such wonderful news. I missed you dearly, but I can surely understand every word of this post. I hope all is going well.

  3. It is so good to see you back and with such fabulous news! Congrats! Wow!

  4. I’m so happy you are doing well – I am 31 weeks and trying to hang in there. I hope you stay feeling well the entire time! How fun we get to have babies the same year – yet again! If you have a girl, we can marry off all our children to each other! muwahahahahahaha!

  5. 😀

    i’m always glad to see you come up in my reader.

  6. Congratulations – that’s fabulous news!

  7. WOW! Congratulations!!! Thanks for coming back to share the news!

  8. congratulations!!!! How wonderful! Hope you feel beautiful because you are! Take good care!

  9. Hi there, I came by way of Lceel. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    I know what you mean about feeling obilgated to put a post out there. When I feel that way I do the opposite. I walk away from my laptop until I feel like coming back.

    Again, congrats!

  10. Congrats! I’m glad you’re posting again.

  11. OMG OMG wow!!!!! I’ve missed you but I get all that you wrote. I am THRILLED to hear your news. THRILLED. Hope you are feeling ok and sickness is passing? Yes, I craved carbs too a LOT in the beginning.
    October will be here before you know it. Even though it doesn’t feel like it.
    I am going back in the summer so yell if we have any pregnancy cravings and I can mail you anything……..
    Congrats S!!!

  12. Wow! congrats! And good to hear from you 🙂

  13. I’m on a hiatus right now, too.. Congratulations on the news!! I saw a tweet from Bryan the other day, so I knew..lol I’m so happy for you! Hope you keep feeling great throughout!

  14. Hooray!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! Oddly enough, I waited until my third baby to have a child in the same year that I got pregnant too. Monkey Girl was conceived and born in 2006!

    I hope you have an easy pregnancy and keep feeling great.

  15. OMG How exciting!! Woo hoo! I can understand how you would want to take a step back and see what you do and don’t need right now. I come and go in the blog world and it’s usually because I get busy, but your BUSY is much more important than all the crap I’ve been doing. Congrats 🙂 Way to go Brian!

  16. In journalistic circles, they’d call that burying the lead.

    Congratulations, Siobhan! I’m sure you’re ready to settle in to the generally smooth sailing of a second trimester.

  17. I’m here through Louceel’s blog. I just couldn’t possibly read a pregnancy announcement and NOT say congratulations.



  18. Congratulations – it’s good to see you back!

  19. Awwww, congratulations!

    Great news — and you know, I remember remarking the same thing about having my 3rd too — he was born Oct. 6th! Both my older boys were summer babies so I was preggo over the Christmas hols which is sooo not fun — I became the much needed designated driver every time! LOL

  20. CONGRATS!!! Take a break… you deserve it! 🙂

  21. I was going to say something to you on Facebook last week when I happened to see something you wrote to Marcie that said you were expecting…but I had to read it several times because, at first, I thought it was Marcie saying that to you. I was confused…which happens regularly!

    So let me say it here…CONGRATS!! Can I put in a request that your little bundle of joy be born on October 29th…since that is my birthday and it’s such a great day?!

  22. Yes my 3rd was in the same year as well. Just realised after what Karen said. Sept 26th. 1 week early (best pregnancy and easiest birth).

  23. You know I’m also wavering and not posting. I am really about to pull up shop. I feel so similarly about so much of what you said. And, yay that the cat’s outta the bag. I hate having to keep these secrets.

  24. awww! yay!! congrats!!

  25. I could have written this post. Except it’s my dad not my Gran. Oh, and I’m not pregnant (insert Hallelujah chorus here).

    But YAY for you!!!!!

  26. Congratulations. Keep the Celts multiplying!

    All the best.

  27. Glad to see you are back. Why have I not been able to see this post until now. It is now July 8th and I have checked regularly on your site up until now but have not seen anything new. Welcome back you were dearly missed.

  28. Wonderful!!! – it’s good to see you back!

  29. good post, Thank you for sharing articles

  30. I really enjoyed reading your blog and do hope you come back to writing some day ! 🙂

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