I’m In A Huff Now

I’m mad at WordPress.

I sat and wrote a long, thought-out post.

I was posting pics at the end and it wouldn’t load properly.

I decided to give up trying till it decided to work again.

So, I pressed Save Draft.

That was the last time I saw it.

Back and Firefox can’t save me this time.

There is no draft.

They’re off my Christmas card list now.


16 responses to “I’m In A Huff Now

  1. I’m glad you’re fighting back and not sending them any more Christmas cards…lol

    Sorry, you lost the post. Hey, speaking of which, are you still having problems reading my blog?

  2. That stinks! I seriously hate when that happens!!! Except I don’t have WordPress…but I’ve done it with blogger…

  3. THAT would really tick me off. I’ve had that happen with really long comments I’ve made, but never a whole post. Ugh.
    Flipping WordPress. 😦

  4. I’ve done that before too. Lost two drafts. I was a livid!

  5. Open Word, type, copy and paste.
    There are two reasons I use Word whenever I type anything over two sentences long. I’m not at the mercy of the blog commandos and I can’t spell! (There is a third reason I use Word for comments. I generally save, save, save just in case there is ever some question about what I have written to someone else.)

  6. You are welcome to use any one of my favourite curse words.

  7. Ack! I am so sorry. WordPress has been all sorts of wonky lately.

  8. I hate when that happens. Good for you for leaving them off your Christmas card llist. heh!

  9. Ah, the dreaded OHNO moment! Like serf’rett, I use Word as well, but I use it for anything over two words.

  10. Having done that a time or two myself, I have adopted a policy which I think would be helpful were that to happen again. A two-pronged approach, if you will. First, I ‘Save To Draft’ as often as possible during the constructuiooon of the post – especially meaning ful and/or longer posts. Second, when the post is done, and before I hit ‘Publish’ (which always gives me pause, anyhow), I highlight the whole post and copy/paste into the Word Processor on my system. Sometimes I even paste a copy into Google Documents, so I can get to the document from anywherre.

  11. Oooh, I hate when that happens. I’m so sorry.

  12. Blame Bush! Obama will save us all.

    Oh wait, this isn’t a political post on the CNN website.

  13. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Mind Blowing!

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