Photo Hunt: Nautical

The top two were taken by my hubs on a Summer Scout Camp last summer.  I miss the sun!  The bottom two were taken in Scotland: The one huge grey rain cloud in the sky was probably a dead giveaway . . .



8 responses to “Photo Hunt: Nautical

  1. Beautiful waters, even those in the sky!

  2. Scotland must be a very interesting place. Some of my distant relatives were from there. I invite you to come see my nautical cruise to Cortes Island in Coastal BC. – Margy

  3. Lovely. Looks cold! I love the sun on the dock and water.

  4. PS Love the name of your blog!!

  5. These are wonderful. I really like the top one of the red boat.

  6. These are great! My favorite is the one on the top of the red boat.

  7. Someday .. I am going to visit Scotland.

  8. I love the photos, they are beautiful!

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