Photo Hunt: Bridges

This photo was taken in Scotland on a moody (read: normal, except for 2 weeks in July) sky day.  A beautiful half-bridge rainbow framing a turbulent River Clyde.  I miss seeing that everyday.  I miss the fresh, salty air.  This photograph was captured by my husband the day before my Gran died:  A reminder that even when life’s moments are their darkest, there is still something good that comes from it.



14 responses to “Photo Hunt: Bridges

  1. I have relatives way back from Scotland. Now I call Canada home. I invite you to come see my Canadian hiking bridges. – Margy

  2. Cool half bridge. Beautiful rainbow!

  3. what a fantastic picture! glad to see you blogging again.

  4. I remember. It was so good you were there for her, at the end. And that is a wonderful picture of the mood of Scotland.

  5. Is that Gourock pier I see? I miss living by the Clyde too – the salt sea air… it’s just not the same over here on the east coast. 😦
    Great pic!

  6. I often catch rainbows on my trips – more so than back home here in concrete jungle of Singapore. The last one I saw was last yr on a fren’s farm in Kenya.

  7. Beautiful picture and story, thank you!

  8. Sorry for your loss. Lovely rainbow bridge. And
    yes, I know from experience how there are good
    things even in bad times.

  9. Yes, ofcourse!! That is a bridge too – a beautiful one 🙂 Clever post .

    Have a nice day 🙂

  10. Love the rainbow — great photo!

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