Photo Hunt: Aftermath

This.  Is what happens when you accidentally leave two doors open: Your bedroom door and your adjoining bathroom door, leaving them to the mercy of a small terrier puppy, still the intruder two months on.  It also helps if you possess the leg reflexes of a greyhound and have the speed of a champion racehorse.  Both of which, I do not.

This dog can run about 4 times the average speed of a human (we won’t talk about how I had to stop traffic about a block from my house — and by traffic I mean I first had to run in front of a big rig — for 30 minutes to catch the bloody thing because my 4-year-old accidentally let him out).  And, he has hydraulics in his hind legs, to boot.

img_1804October 2008
I think the addition of the sock was genius.  The dexterity that took to grab it from the hamper on the way in is just incredible.

October 2008


40 responses to “Photo Hunt: Aftermath

  1. Oh my, the terrier sounds like a terror! ;b

  2. Aww it looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth! What a cute little face, but full of mischief! Happy weekend

  3. now now…just when i’m abt to adopt a dog/cat…haha.

  4. Look at that face. How could that mess possibly be the fault of such an innocent?
    Great photos!

    If you have time check out my aftermath at

  5. Great pics – your pup’s adorable. My dog leaves the loo rolls alone, but my cats shred them.

    My pics are up, too – have a lovely weekend.

  6. aw but he is so cute!

  7. Awwwwwwwwww, but he’s so adorable!!!!

    Mine’s aftermath of after math. Come on over to see it if you have some time today.

  8. lol! look at his innocent face!

  9. Our shitzu does that too!

    Toby is cute and innocent looking.

  10. hehe he looks cute and what a mess…

  11. Uh-oh…somebody looks guilty…but I have to say not too remorseful 🙂

  12. Oh what a cute litlle terror, I mean terrier…. Just adorable! Great entry!

  13. With puppies comes lots of aftermath! He is a cutie though. Great photos!

  14. what a cutie!! i wouldn’t mind seeing that kind of aftermath if someone as cuddly as your puppy does it 🙂

  15. Oh my! We have a Border Collie who can open the handles on our doors. Thankfully she has never done that. He is a cutie. I’ll bet it’s hard to stay mad for long!


  16. Toby’s getting so gosh darn big! I wanna nother Cairn. I gotta get me another. They are famous for shredding, love. It’s part of that terrier nature.

  17. Oh so cute, how could anyone get mad at that face, LOL

  18. toby just needs a friend so he stays out of trouble. how ’bout i send you the rat dogs to entertain him?

  19. Aw, he’s so cute! I love the look of “What? I didn’t do anything!”

    Great pic for this week’s theme!

  20. Maybe the sock was to put the blame on someone else. How could that sweet little face do that???

  21. But look at that face! Who could be angry with such an adorable face?

  22. what a cutie! My little yorkie does this with any paper or tissues as well. She gets very posessive over paper as if her life depended on it. I’d love to know what is going through her head.

  23. At least it wasn’t wet loo roll……

  24. Ay, memories. My little heidi used to shred through tissue, walls, doors, anything she could destroy. Now she’s 5 and lazy. Good times.

  25. Too funny! Such an innocent face.

  26. But those eyes! Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, surely…

  27. I’ve seen that sight many times, but it was by the paws of my cat, Spooky. She has grown out of the shredding of toilet paper (mostly), but still likes her paper towel rolls! I found a mess that looked much like that one on my kitchen floor when I returned from vacation. Ah, but don’t our pets enrich our lives (this is said with just the smallest hint of sarcasm, mind you)?

  28. LOL – yes terriers are very clever! And what a cuite!

  29. I see the Terrier is a terror. Good thing he’s cute, though.

  30. That little critter needs to learn where hot dogs come from. (*shh, don’t tell him that’s a tease*)

  31. thanks for reminding me WHY I don’t have a PUPPY! 🙂 lol!

  32. i was HEATED for you… until i saw the face! and then i couldn’t help but giggle. he’s so cute! change his breed: TERROR!! lol.

  33. Oh my goodness! I don’t think I could ever be angry at the face 🙂

    At first I was about to say “hey! My daughter does that, too.”

  34. I still think he’s adorable.

    btw, I have an award for you on my blog.

  35. That dog face screams “it wasn’t me!”. Be lucky Toby doesn’t eat the TP like my dog would. Or does he???

  36. Nice 🙂 Still not as good as the potting soil story and pics—but still cute!

  37. Hmm we are having similar experiences ourselves with our new pup!

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