Photo Hunt: Hope

dsc03306_1I don’t think anything can measure up to the hope a mother has for her child.
March 2007


16 responses to “Photo Hunt: Hope

  1. Ah, that is indeed some sweet hope. And a sweet baby.

    (I’ve got a photohunt post up, too.)

  2. Gawd, so sweet.

    Nothing better than a sleeping baby. hee hee

  3. Babies embody all our hopes for the future. What a beautiful picture for this theme.

  4. Indeed! Lovely hope photo, and with a great meaning too.
    Happy New Year, from Dubai, UAE.

  5. Wonderful subject for this theme. A serious ‘awwww’ moment.

  6. Awwwwwwww, couldn’t agree more. Lovely photo. Mine’s up too! Happy hogmanay by the way!

  7. I love that picture. One of my friends had her new baby at church today. I miss those days sometimes.

  8. A lovely photo of the dynamic ‘Cameroon’.

    And where have you been, lately?

  9. Lovely picture–he’s abolutely beautiful.

  10. Simply gorgeous. And very true words, too.

  11. What a beautiful face…they are such angels when they are sleeping!

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