A Thursday Thirteen in My Absence

Today, at precisely 10 o’clock (if no-one in front of me is late, banjaxing the whole thing up), I will be sitting in a waiting room, ready to see an Internal Medicine doctor.

Almost 2 weeks ago, I sat on the phone in my bedroom, staring into a blackened monitor and hoping for a positive answer.

“…I just wanted to check and see if you’ve received my partial medical records from the Utah by fax.”

She told me they had and the doctor was reviewing them, but since it had been a few days since they had received them, she probably needed more information before we can progress and set up an appointment.

I tried to stifle my emotions surging up my throat.  A month of undiagnosis has left me feeling anxious and determined for an outcome — some sort of closure.  Anything to help me move on and finally get better.  I have plans, plans for my future, and I don’t want hair loss and unexplained anxiety to wave their large shadow over them.

“Is it the same for all new patients–?”

That was it, I couldn’t finish my sentence.  Before I had a chance to, she was answering and I got a response to a question I never really meant to ask.  I broke down and cried, and as I tried to regain some sort of composure by slow breathing and concentrating on the remainder of my question, she sat in silence patiently waiting for me.

I really was much more diplomatic, but I wanted to know, did I have to wait till the end of the line, while other “not new” patients got first dibs on scheduling?

She apologised and empathised with me, and told me honestly that the schedule was jam-packed and there was absolutely no wiggle room at all.  In the end, she knew I wanted immediate help and recommended a very good doctor for me, told me to let them worry about “that stuff, and let us deal with the endocrinology.”  So that is where I am with my list of symptoms and wrought memorisation of different aspects of how I am feeling.

For this list, I would like to thank ExpatMum and JoBeaufoix.  A lot of my complaints are the same as JoBeaufoix’s.  To show to myself that I have nothing else to hide, here is my list:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Fuzzy head feeling
  • Hair loss
  • Exhaustion
  • Lack of appetite
  • Insatiable appetite
  • Late menstrual cycles (D34-46, instead of D29)
  • Loss of libido
  • Hyperventilation
  • Mood swings
  • Unexplained anxiety
  • Surges of anger
  • Broken sleep patterns
  • Crying easily
  • Tension
  • Irritability

When I sit and think about it, I am grateful for this cluster of the Blogosphere that I have grown to love, and who so obviously loves me back for who I am.  I really couldn’t thank you all enough.  These past few weeks have been hard for me.  I feel like I have been absent from every aspect of my life.  I do what I can to get through the day and leave the rest till tomorrow.  I hope by taking steps forward, that I can get back to doing what I love best: Enjoying life.  Thank you all for being patient with me, I haven’t written or read much, and I really miss all of you.

So without further ado, here is my Thursday Thirteen:

Forget hate, envy, deceitfulness and jealousy, here are Thirteen of the Worst Feelings in the World:

1.  Chopping jalapenos wearing latex gloves and later, removing contacts only to find you nicked the gloves with your knife
2.  Discovering there’s no TP when it’s too late
3.  Breaking out some sweet dance moves on a newly-buffered stage in front of a large-ish crowd, slipping and landing on your behind, and listening to them all laugh
4.  Having your slip fall down during a wedding reception
5.  Slamming the car door shut just as you realise your keys are inside
6.  Making a sounds-like self-depreciating joke with your boss’s boss in the room, and realising his son has the condition you just mentioned and inadvertently made fun of
7.  Watching your spouse cry over hurt someone else caused him
8.  Writing out a long, well-thought-out, heartfelt, nay — INSPIRED comment only to have it not publish and you’re left having to paraphrase mangled and spewed out random words in a small attempt to salvage anything you once wrote.  You now feel Server malice and resentment that technology has left you feeling stolen of your epiphany.
9.  Waking up an hour earlier than your alarm, looking at it thinking you’re late for high school, rush getting dressed and out the door and down to the bus stop.  Wondering where all the buses are.  Getting on the not-crowed-bus for 15 minutes and walking to school the further 15 minutes and only realising you’re (still, at this point) AN HOUR EARLY for school when an old dear at the corner shop across the street asks you why you’re there “at this time of the morning”.  Then, she takes you to her place in a high flat right across from the school gates, and you sit at the window holding a biscuit and a book of the Queen she randomly handed you, and you don’t have the guts to tell her you’re not really Protestant.  And then you watch all your school mates filter up the stairs outside the gates and you feel guilty for leaving her cos all she wanted was a bit of company
10.  Making a passing comment about how funny the granny on the dance floor wearing all white and dancing emblazoned by the black light is to the yummy boy whose lap you’re sitting on who’s sitting the self-determined requisite arm’s length away, only to have him tell you that’s HIS granny
11.  Running after a bus in the pouring rain at full speed with an art portfolio under your arm and having the bus driver shrug his shoulders at you when you KNOW he could easily stop and the rest of the bus is staring at you
12.  Straddling the bathtub and the toilet seat at age 9 about to step in, when your BROTHER’S 16-year-old FRIEND opens the bathroom door and stops and stares and you stand there in all your glory feeling helpless and stuck in an unforgiving time warp
13.  Having a friend’s sister’s friend ask her who that “boy she’s with is” and it’s you, and you’re fifteen


17 responses to “A Thursday Thirteen in My Absence

  1. I hope you are able to see your doctor and get things all sorted out soon. Waiting has to be the hardest part of not knowing. You continue to be in my prayers.

    And your TT list is inspired. Those are definitely some really bad feelings.

  2. Wow, I have missed you too but hope that you feel better soon. Taking care of yourself is paramount; I’m sending hugs to you!


  3. DUDE! Those are all awful feelings, but I’m still stuck back at whats going on with you. I hope that you feel some peace and comfort soon, and have some answers after your appt today. I’m sure you’ll let us all know, but just know I’m thinking of you and lovin’ yer guts from afar…

  4. Oh lordy what a list. A few of those are far too familiar.

    And I really hope you’re able to get the help you need soon hun. I feel awful that anyone is feeling the way you are.

  5. Hey there…so very sorry to hear that you are going through this.

    I have to tell you, I had 99% of your symptoms plus some others that are equally as unpleasant (near fainting attacks, chronic hives, etc). It’s taken me a while to figure out the causes… traditional medicine is good at treating symptoms but not so much at identifying and healing the root cause. Please be persistent, get second opinions….and thirds and fourths if needed.

    As for me personally, what ended up being the cause for the vast majority of my symptoms was diet related and due to Vitamin D deficiency, etc. Now, I wasn’t ever a fast food junky nor do I eat fried foods and when this all started I was actually eating quite well. What I found out finally though was that I have several food allergies, had issues with candida overgrowth and was also having reactions to everyday medications (bc pill, zyrtec, etc) that are everyday things that lots of people take. Because my symptoms were “non-specific” they could have been associated with a myriad of different conditions but what I found after finally changing my diet was that most if not all went away or are almost gone now.

    I still have some lingering hormonal issues (even after being off of the pill for 11 months now) and issues with my liver being a bit out of balance, and still working on getting my Vitamin D levels up, etc. But i’m on the mend and now after going through this for 3 years, seeing probably 2 dozen providers, countless blood tests, poking, prodding, reading numerous medical journals, books and speaking to many, many folks that had similar experiences, I’m feeling much better and I know you will too!!

    I’m not saying you likely have food allergies or intolerances but it’s something that causes these exact symptoms (as does Vitamin D deficiency) and it’s sad but those things often are the last on the list to be checked if at all so I wanted to put my story out there for you to see if perhaps there’s a chance this might zero in on something for you as well. it can’t hurt to check if nothing else. Unfortunately, nutrition and diet are something that many doctors overlook, it goes far far beyond the food pyramid and protein, fat and carbs… food can be a curse and a cure but tends to be off the radar much of the time.

    Keep us posted, please let me know if I can lend an ear as I definitely can relate all too well with what you are feeling.

    loads of hugs,

  6. Thyroid? Maybe something with your thyroid? I have no idea. And I’m so sorry this is such a long, excrutiating experience. Sending massive heaps of prayers your way!

    That list of TTs is bad. Wow.

  7. Hello Siobhan,

    It has been ages since I dropped by. Sorry you are feeling poorly. Been working, eating, sleeping, and generally preoccupied with daily life and let time slip by. Sorry for not keeping up. It was not for lack of interest, more like life overload.

    Do know you are at the top of my list of favorite journalist.

    You are included in my prayers.

    Your friend, David

  8. Sure fits the thyroid bill.. but could be lots of things. You’ll get help soon, I pray…

  9. I really hope and pray the doctor(s) find the answer and can help you.

    That list was something else. Unfortunately, I identified with a couple of them…

  10. Ah hell, hon. I hope things come together soon and you are able to start getting answers. “Not knowing” is definitely #1 on a list of really terrible feelings.

  11. I really hope your doctor’s appointment goes WAY better than mine did. My doctor made me cry (I think I was just too hormonal) and then was very condescending about it when I couldn’t answer him right away as to why I was crying…”You didn’t just come here to cry, did you?” Definitely praying that you get the answers you deserve…and are on the road to feeling MUCH better in no time! :o)

  12. I’m hoping the latest round of blood gives a better indication of what is happening. I know you are tired of feeling out of sorts. I wish you the best with the endo -he’s the reason I am a mom, so they are worth their weight in gold.

  13. sigh. i’m so sorry, hon. hopefully you are getting answers …

  14. Hi,
    I just stumbled upon your blog. Your list–I could relate to some of those feelings. I’m sure we all could.

    Hope you find answers soon as far as your health is concerned.

  15. I am so sorry to hear. It also sounds thyroid-ish to me. I do hope you find some answers soon. Waiting and allowing your thoughts to take over is horrible.
    Keeping you in my thoughts.

  16. Hope you’re feeling better and have some answers. I’ve just started tracking my symptoms on mymonthlycycles.com. It might be useful for you too?? oxo

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