Photo Hunt: Metal

Metal everywhere!  This shot was taken in the Dulles airport during our layover when we were headed to Heathrow in March of this year.  Cameron was fascinated by the place — it also didn’t hurt we packed the laptop in our carry-on and a few DVDs too to keep them occupied.  We just used the outlet right behind the ‘ticket verification and cheesy smile and nod’ desk.



8 responses to “Photo Hunt: Metal

  1. nice solemn shot of the kid altho I bet he must b thrilled by what he saw.

  2. Great shot! Always so much interesting to look at.

  3. Nice work,i can see lots of metal around,happy hunting,check out mine tooo\

  4. That kind of shot makes you wonder what the little guy is thinking. Very cool.

  5. Nice shot.Interested one.Do you have any other shot like this?

  6. Cool shot Siobhan. Looks like the lad loves trucks (like most boys).

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