Photo Hunt: Ruin(ed)

I single-handedly managed to ruin a perfectly nice photograph of the sisters and sisters-in-law (and in my case, in-law^2) by gawping.  I apparently forgot the cardinal rule for any individual in a wedding party:  Wherever there are cameras, have a perma-smile.  The keen eye will also notice I obviously didn’t know what to do with my arms.

img_2176A lovely sea of red.
What was I doing with my mouth anyway?

My four sisters-in-law are very far left, to the right of my brother-in-law looking left, and the next two rights in the front.


18 responses to “Photo Hunt: Ruin(ed)

  1. Siobhan,
    I hardly think you ruined this photo. Look at the woman to your right. She seems more incredulous than you. Everyone is looking in a variety of directions. I blame the photographer!!

  2. I don’t think anyone is looking at you.. But it does look like you’re being held up by the person to your right. I agree with Mike, the photographer needed to direct everyone better.

  3. Ha ha; I bet there is a tremendously lovely photo with everyone smiling and looking in the right direction…probably taken a second or two after this one.

    It’s not bad, by the way. I actually think you give the photo “character”. 🙂

  4. Oh, I forgot to mention, this is a shot from our camera, not the photographers’.

  5. It could be worse… Besides Melisa has the right idea, there probably is a beautiful photo with everyone smiling and standing perfectly.

  6. uh. no one is looking in the same direction.

    for which we blame the photographer! what the heck!

  7. But the shot was posed by the photographer. I would sue.


    You look gorgeous…

  8. Heh, I think everyone has some of those faces in group shots….the cameras from all angles is a killer. And those skirts actually aren’t too bad en mass.

  9. Is there going to be a competition for captions of what you were saying here?????

  10. That’s hilarious, S!!

    P.S., Did you ever get my email with the addy of your ornament swapper?

  11. Ha! I tend to do that too. There’s a picture from my prom where everyone is looking ahead and smiling, and I’m making this horrible face at the friend standing next to me.

  12. Hehe 🙂 You are not alone in looking away in this shot. I do love your expression though 🙂

    I’m a horrible blinker. I become a narcoleptic in front of cameras.

  13. Sherilyn - Dominee Huisvrouw

    My brother used to just photoshop a better head on if he had a bad picture like this. But then one time he got carried away & gave the whole family HIS head……

  14. It looks like you were holding court and have just said something outrageous!!

  15. I’ve looked at this picture a good 3 times since you’ve posted it and find it funnier and funnier every time I look at it.

    There’s a number of things you could do with the skirts ie. have everyone give you theirs and make a blanket for the bride – complete with pillowcases; Go green and make some reusable shopping bags out of them… the possibilities are endless really.

    Your face is better than a fake smile. Come back so we can take more pictures together.

  16. I thought it was a great shot… of course, I took it! How could I not get a shot of a face like that… isn’t she an Angel?

  17. Don’t think of it as ruining the picture… you gave it Character!!!! 🙂

  18. Oh this is hilarious! I think you should get this zoomed in on—as much of the bride and groom with your funny face as possible, frame it and hang it. Will always be a conversation starter–always!

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