Word of the Week

Scheduled from last Saturday…


Another word for well off, rich or has money, this is also a descriptive term meaning full of the cold, having a runny nose, sore head etc:  Aw ya poor soul, ye’re loaded.  Away hame tae yer bed wi’ a hot lemsip.”

Hear my audio.


6 responses to “Word of the Week

  1. You know, I actually understood that whole thing except the word ‘lemsip’. But I actually kinda figured it was somethin’ to drink.

  2. I use “load” all the time! In many different ways 🙂

  3. My favorite day of the week. I hope everything at the wedding and funeral work out okay.

  4. I myself am loaded. I guess it’s time to take something for my stuffy sinuses.

    Keeping you and the family in my thoughts and prayers at this time. And, I’m sending some extra hugs your way too.

  5. Siobhan,
    have you seen the Scottish Wikipedia? There’s a whole article on the Scots leid!

    “Scots haes lend-wirds fae the fact at the Scots fowk haed contact wi Gaelic spaekers. Thir lend-wirds is for ordinar juist for geographical an cultural thingies, sic as clan an loch. Like ony leevin leid, Scot haes cheenged a bittie ower the years, tho it haes arguably stayed closer tae its Anglo-Saxon spring-heid nor Inglis. Monie Scots wirds haes become pairt o Inglis an aw: flit, greed, eerie, cuddle, clan, stob.”

  6. I wish I were loaded. In the well off way.

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