Photo Hunt: Blue

5 May 2001

I wasn’t kidding about the flatbed scanner death.  Prime example: here is a photo of a photo.  My ‘something blue’ were my toe nails.  And the kilt idea?  Totally his.  Of course, I backed him up 100% — how could I not?  For those interested, he wore Black Watch.

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband.  The man who…

1.  Convinced me I had been hiding behind my glasses for twenty-two years and to finally ditch them.  He saw me for who I was and convinced me that my self-esteem was battered and bruised.  I trusted him and took the leap.  People I was friends with who only knew me with glasses, don’t recognise me at all without.  I took them off for our wedding photos.

2. Washes pots and pans because he knows I hate to do it.  I was turned against them as a 16-year-old faced with congealed gravy with skin, and had to delve into it sans gloves to clean the thing.  I also knew I couldn’t have at it with the brush or the scrubby.  In my own defense, I’ll wash them if I absolutely have to.

3.  Heats my cold toes up even though they could double as a cold compress.  They get cold even if I keep shoes on.

4.  Signed up for a channel package which included BBC America seven years ago to make me feel more at home.

5.  Surprised me the first Christmas we were married with a stocking full of British goods, including Irn Bru, a Double Decker, British sausages (they were technically in the fridge), Ambrosia Custard and a few other lovelies.

6.  Puts me above all else and has foregone Scout Roundtable meetings and other things to take care of me if I’ve had a bad day.

7.  Puts the lid down, and then flushes.  Classic microbiologist trait.

8.  Loves me implicitly.

I don’t think I could quite sum it up as I did 3 years ago.  Here’s the link, go see for yourself.


25 responses to “Photo Hunt: Blue

  1. That’s a great photo. Your husband sounds wonderful!

  2. Fabulous pic! (I’ve taken pics of pics myself and that one turned out really nicely!) You got yourself a keeper with that feller!

  3. That photo is totally gorgeous. You two fit together nicely: beautiful couple! 🙂

    Happy, happy birthday to the hubby, and many more!

  4. Too sweet. You two have a love that I hope to find someday. You’re both very lucky, but it’s obvious you know that! :o)

  5. All great qualities and Happy Birthday, Bryan!

  6. America is full guys like that!

    I might have guested something of Bryan’s were blue wearing that kilt! 🙂

  7. Yay – it’s SPANKEYS birthday!!!

    Siobannie, be sure to give spankster a huge appropriate side hug from me and say I said HB.

    I would just love to say that he is a teddy bear, a gentle loving, strong, sensible, funny, witty, intelligent and cute guy, that picked the best wife ever.

    love ya both!

  8. Happy Bday Brian! And, I was gonna ask, because you know I WOULD KNOW it, if I’d been able to see the colors better.

  9. Beautiful Photo!!

    Perfect match, looks like!

    Happy B-Day to your Hubby!!

  10. Awww, lovely photo! Happy birthday to the hubby!

  11. DH was intrigued to hear about your cold feet – he’s decided it must be something to do with the Scottish genes. He bought me a hot water bottle a couple of Christmases ago, but I still prefer to warm my toes up on him!

  12. I love the gushy stuff! He sounds like a keeper and you guys look like such a Handsome and Beautiful couple…tried to get my husband to go for the kilt but it was a no go for him…of course, I didn’t have the accent and time lived in Scotland going for me like you did! 🙂

    Happy Birthday to your Sweet Husband!

  13. Happy Birthday Mr. ABritDiff’t!

    Love your choice for the hunt, S!

  14. Awe… you darling little thing!

    So sweet!!!

  15. So the burning question is … did he wear the kilt as a true Scotsman would?

  16. I find socks in bed at night help with the dreaded cold feet ailment. :o)

  17. Sounds like you’ve got a keeper 🙂 Happy bday to him!

  18. What beautiful tributes (both of them) to a man who sounds like an absolute dream. May he continue to cherish you and you him.

    Happy birthday Bryan.

    Blue toenails – how cute!

    Loved the Thursday 13 jokes by the way – “what’s the tartan?” – hahaha – and “piston broke” – brill!

  19. What a gorgeous, gorgeous photo (even if it is a picture of a picture LOL!) And a sweet post.

    Happy belated to your cute hubby! He sounds like an absolute sweetheart.

    Hey, and he’s a microbiologist?! Who knew (hubs has a degree in micro too)

  20. Great picture!

    If only I could get Adrian to put the toilet lid down…

  21. Happy Birthday to the hubby! You have a sweet husband 🙂 David does some of those same kinda things for me: takes Chetie out, takes out the trash, lets me warm his feet between his legs when we crawl into bed, etc. Oh, I also close the lid and flush. I hate those automatic flushers—-I run from the stall with my pants half up!!!

  22. Happy belated Birthday Bryan! Hope you had a great day and wonderful year to follow.

    The one thing I insisted on when we got married…flushing the toilet with the lid down…

  23. He gave you Irn Bru for Christmas?! Definately a keeper.

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