My First Ever Poll

The Question of the Century…

The poll will be open till midnight Tuesday MST.  The results are anonymous, so vote how you feel.

15 responses to “My First Ever Poll

  1. I would die a little inside if you ditched it.

  2. I listen to each one. I don’t often comment and perhaps I should – so that you know there are people out here who love the WotW and love, also, the sound of your voice.

  3. I am betting that after Holly’s comment that there’s no chance in hell of you ditching it.

  4. Say it ain’t so!
    I’m voting YES to keep em.

  5. Are you starting to run out of words yet? I suppose once you get into the Cockney Rhyming Slang, there’s a whole new teaching opportunity!

  6. I think you should keep it – and I also think you should add a new feature called “Scottish Humor” and fill it with all the hilarious other things you and other “Scoticacians” say. After all, it was your humor that first attracted ‘you to me’ and led us into this nirvana of bliss we live in :o)

    Luv you

  7. Oh my gosh…I have never been able to listen to your word of the week…until now. I never had a good enough internet connection…so I guess I’m kind of new to it. I love it!

  8. Why would you consider ditching it? It’s great. I admit I don’t always comment, but that’s usually because I figure you tire of hearing how much people love hearing your accent. (I get the feeling you’ve heard that comment hundreds of times.)

  9. What has caused you to ask this I wonder?

  10. Hello, I popped in from Tracey’s blog. I can never understand what she’s saying, but then I look it up (i.e. Wikipedia) and voila, an expanded vocabulary. So you see you are doing us Yanks a service!

  11. I absolutely think you should keep it. I found my way here initially because of my fascination with Scotland. I happen to think this feature is really great! I really like learning the meanings behind the words and have always loved the accent…or…well, you know what I mean…different than my accent.

  12. Ooooh, no! You can’t get rid of it. It’s fantastic!!

  13. Voted! I hope it stays.

    p.s. LOVE your new profile pic 🙂

  14. please keep it! i love to hear your scottish accent, and the voices of your children too, when they make a cameo appearance!

  15. Don’t make AnglophileFF cry.

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