Photo Hunt: Family

I often encounter people who tell me my son looks just like my husband.  I really couldn’t disagree more.  Ever since I first laid eyes on the little guy, I knew he looked like me, and he continues to — even as his face changes.  I’ve always thought he and his older cousin could pass for brothers.  They are 3.5 years apart.  They didn’t meet until March of this year:

My son is on the right.

As a reference, here is my husband with Ian the day after he was born.  He’d just told a joke.

Cameron, other the other hand, looks like him.
(Where did that blonde hair come from?)


19 responses to “Photo Hunt: Family

  1. Oh, they are all adorable kids! What a nice family you have!

  2. Well, without a picture of you on this post, I’ll reserve judgement on who he looks more like! 😉 But they’re all very nice looking!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. It’s very clear they are all related. He’s a cutie BTW.

  4. Your boys are adorable! I think it’s the smiles!

  5. I see a lovely mixture of both you and hubby in the little one!

    How adorable!

  6. awwww what lovely pics! your son is so adorable!

  7. What sweet photos! And you are from Scotland!!!! My ancestry hails from there. 🙂

    I have some very vintage photos up for my Photo Hunt today! I hope you can get a chance to see and leave your link.

  8. Handsome boys, definitely he looks like you..happy photohunting..

  9. Handsome boys! And wonderful choices for this week’s theme!

  10. I agree with you. Your son looks more like you. What great pictures!

  11. No matter who looks like who…those boys are GORGEOUS! 🙂

  12. I of course have to agree with you. Ian looks so much like you with a hint of spankey, but cameron looks like spankster with a hint of you. Ian does look a lot like his cousin!
    You’re all handsome!

  13. I totally agree with you on who looks like who. Everyone always thinks I look like my mom, but it’s all in the eyes. The rest of my face sort of looks like my paternal grandmother.

  14. What? You want us to get in the middle of a family issue. No thanks.
    I see a little of both of you (by these pics and the others I’ve seen). I really should run for office. 😉

  15. Okay…both of your boys are so cute! I agree…I think your older son DOES look like you…the little boy like your husband…but really only because you pointed it out…

    They both look like a pretty good mix! 🙂

  16. i agree … although there IS a resemblance between your husband and the older one as well. 😉

  17. Oh these shots are so sweet! I do see you in him though.

    Cameron’s blond hair is adorable!

  18. Your boys are so sweet!! I do see a bit of both of you in both of them, but I agree that Ian leans toward you and Cameron toward hubby.

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