Photo Hunt: Lazy

Thanks to the young age of the country, the lack of state-consistent public transport systems and the landslide majority of amenities and life essentials (including neighbourhood shops) which are not within walking distance: I have become lazy.


24 responses to “Photo Hunt: Lazy

  1. I can relate. We used to live within walking distance of stores and stuff but not now. Like the view behind your van!

    Mine’s here

  2. I feel for you. I’ve been forced to drive several times in my life, and always gain weight.

  3. We all have! I enjoy biking riding though. We do have some store around here where I live, but cars are always easier,lol.
    Have a great weekend:)

  4. If we only had a hammock between those pillars… now that would be perfect laziness…

  5. haha, i think u are not da only lazy one šŸ˜›

    have a great weekend šŸ™‚

  6. Oh, I know. I drive everywhere… miss the city for all the walking I could do.
    Those mountains are really cool though…

  7. Will you be needing chains on those tires when the big snow comes?

  8. I know, in Scotland, you walk everywhere. Now you have the ubiquitous mini-van! šŸ˜‰

  9. Too true. When I was on Long Island last winter I walked to my hairdresser’s (a 15 minute walk away) and got so many strange looks from drivers. American’s LOVE their cars.

  10. Ignore that appostrophe in Americans. šŸ™‚

  11. Ignore that apostrophe in Americans. šŸ™‚

  12. Yes, I truly miss town life where you can just walk everywhere rather than suburbia America where we have to drive, drive, drive. Makes for a lot of laziness, doesn’t it?

    Mine’s here:

  13. Forgot to add that I LOVE the mountain views you have from your home!

  14. I still miss walking but am now a little more used to it. When the first two kiddos were born I just wanted to put them in the pram and walk – but there were no bloody footpaths! Ended up walking new borns around the mall. Not quite what I had in mind. The others are right – gorgeous view there…(and the mini van looks clean too!!)

  15. i feel less lazy when i take the stairs at work. but i will admit to moving my car in a parking lot to avoid the walk šŸ™‚

  16. ah it’s a necessity not really being lazy no choice. nice photo and the mountain background nice! nice car too.

  17. I’m so lazy I won’t walk up two measly flights of stairs to my office, even though it would be faster than waiting on the elevator.

  18. Unfortunately in my job I do a lot of sitting. Sitting in the office doing the mountains of paperwork that I have to do, and sitting in the car when I’m out on patrol. Not much of a choice though. :o( My town is rural and spread out. I’m feeling super lazy today…and craving chocolate. The lack of walking makes the guilt of chocolate eating much more magnified!!

  19. That is not lazy. In this country, that is a badge of motherhood.

  20. I am lucky in that I only have to use my car about once a week, but with three kids who always have a friend or two in two, my minivan is a godsend when I need it.

  21. You have to drive some places but I’m sure there is a balance to be found. At least you don’t drive to shops that are less than half of a mile away… *whistles* :o)
    Me? No! Never…..

  22. I am the same way. Sadly, some things are within walking distance to our home, and we have great public transportation….but I still drive sometimes *hangs head in shame*

  23. Walk! Sorry what’s that, can’t say I remember walking anywhere in Okieland! I’d get knocked down by a hulking great pick-up

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