Photo Hunt: Sad

I was going to broach the subject taking the word at its (other) Scottish literal: sad = pathetic, but I had nothing to back it up with, which in itself is sad because I really like to hone my self-depreciating humour.

This photo is no stranger to my site.  Small children have irrational fears of things they can’t and don’t understand.  This one?  Until recently was deathly afraid of the car wash.

I was sad when I got to Scotland and they’d changed the chocolate!  “No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives”.  It was still good, but missing something.

And, I’m sad because the theme wasn’t another adjective, thinking.
(He’s going to stookie me one day for this…)


13 responses to “Photo Hunt: Sad

  1. I’m completely sad about the chocolate thing. Smarties are dull and died with natural things like beetroot now. My red #40 allergy will never be the same again. Red Smarties were like speed for me… sadness.

  2. I had the hardest time with this theme. In the end, I went with something that made me sad. I think you did the same thing with number #2.

  3. Oh Scotland must be so wonderful, though!

    The baby crying is sad (sad) and sad (pathetic). My kids were terrified of the car wash, too. Awww. 😦

    I did Photo Hunters today, too. I hope you get a chance to visit and post your link.

  4. yeah – my kids have all been afraid of car washes at certain times too. I was as a kid as well.
    What is this nonesense about Smarties and Twix. You’ll be telling me they have re-named Marathons next woman!

  5. Bless his frightened little heart!
    I don’t mind the chocolate quite so much, as long as I can still get an occasional jelly baby. 8-]
    Tough subject this week.

  6. Are you sure he was not manufacturing his own choco bogger in retaliation of the international ban against u know.

  7. I’m suddenly sad because I don’t have access to chocolate.

  8. One of mine was terrified of the car wash too. The other thought it was the most exciting adventure ever! And that was sad in a different way.

  9. I can’t remember being anything but thrilled at the car wash and yet all of my boys have screamed with fear when we’ve gone through. Hmmm.

  10. Your boy is sad he doesn’t like car wash but he is cute..see mine too.

  11. Love the first pic. I used to throw a fit at that age if my parents tried to take me out shopping – and the only thing that would make me happy was a juice box!

  12. i must admit that i am still sometimes prone to irrational fears of things i can’t or don’t understand. no longer car washes, now it’s economic crises.

  13. Oh the little finger in the cave picture. LOL So cute!

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