Dishing it Out


BurghBaby is having a one day only contest with loads, oodles, an outrageous amount of prizes.  Back on the anniversary of the attacks, she very generously decided to donate all of the revenue from September to the Sept 11th Fund.  The revenue is accumulated through page clicks, so go do your bit for society and use your mouse!  And, all you have to do is comment and win a chance to get some great prizes, whilst helping out a very worthwhile charity.

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Yesterday I awoke to a lovely brick-in-my-stomach feeling and had to cancel any and all plans I had.  I wandered around aimlessly throughout the day, just wishing I could throw up so I would finally feel better.  It never happened.  That.  End.  And don’t you just love it that even though you’re sick to the gills (and your husband is on shift), you still get to chase after toddlers brandishing plungers and huge wads of sopping wet toilet paper; all the while, your pre-schooler is experimenting with ways in which to permanently maim your puppy?  It’s fabulous.

Anyway, since I am still not feeling 100%  — I’m not even fair to middlin’ —  and can barely conjugate sentences, what better time to talk about food than now?  At least I can eat again, so that’s a relief.  I love eating.  Most of you will remember I posted a Thursday Thirteen on some of my favourite dishes to make.  You may also recall I said:

If you are interested in any of the recipes, let me know and I’ll definitely oblige. Maybe you could even return the favour…?

Yeah, I’m a deadbeat blogger.  I didn’t deliver.  So, I am hereby going to redeem myself by posting all of the recipes people made comments about.  I have transferred them in Google Docs and published it online, so if you want it, all you have to do is click and hit print.  Fancy!

1.  Macaroni and Cheese
2.  Beef or Chicken Enchiladas
3.  Barbecue Cups
4.  Chicken and Broccoli Casserole
5.  Hot Crab Meat and Artichoke Dip
6.  Thai Chicken Curry

and two not on the list:
7.  Shepherd’s Pie
8.  Margarita Bars

I never grew up with a crock pot or slow cooker, in fact, my Mum didn’t get one until long after I’d moved out.  I’ve used my 6-quart model quite a bit recently, but, my quest this autumn/winter is to find some glorious recipes that I can just throw together and be done with.  If you know of any great ones, nod me in the right direction, would ya?

Now if you’ll excuse me, the comfy chair and a tartan wool blanket are calling my name.


17 responses to “Dishing it Out

  1. I feel for you. There’s nothing worse than being ill when you have to care for children. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    Nice selection of recipes. Thank you. I’ve been making a similar chicken broccoli casserole for years minus the rice. Next time I’ll try your version.

  2. I hope I can deliver…because I have tons of them! I’ll get back to you!

    Oh and hope that you get to feeling better!

  3. Whoa! Fun! Thanks for posting those, you poor thing!

    Feel better!

  4. Geez, I hope you feel better. There are some great ones here that I can’t wait to try. I did a double take when I saw the Margarita Bars but they look great.

  5. Well didn’t I just luck out! Cooking maintains my sanity and feeds my additiction to eating. I will certainly go pluck some recipes. Oh, how rude of me — I hope you are feeling better 🙂

  6. Hope you’re doing better. Can you one day tell me what is the difference between ‘plaid’ and ‘tartan.’?? Ta very much!

  7. Oh no!!! It is so hard to be sick with little ones running around. Moms just can’t catch a break, huh?
    I hope you feel better soon!

    -fair to middlin’. I love that. 🙂

  8. I’m sorry to read that you’re feeling a bit peaky
    (that’s Lancashire for crap).

    Anyway, I’m going to be picky here. I know, I know kick a girl when she’s down. But Shepherd’s Pie is made with minced shepherds, (sorry lamb), it’s Cottage Pie that’s made with minced beef.

    One must strive for the highest standards when teaching Americans about the wonders of British cuisine, don’t you find 😉

    Best wishes to you and yours.

  9. Bleh, it’s such an awful feeling, being sick to your stomach. I hope it blows over soon.

  10. It’s cold today. Right about now a comfy chair and a tartan wool blanket sound awfully inviting. Oh, and some shepherd’s pie. Oh my.

  11. I think I need to make some margarita bars – now.

    Feel better!

  12. You mean a plaid blanket, right 🙂 Hee hee. I hope you are much better. I have a great beef stroganoff crock pot recipe. I’ll email it to you.

  13. I can’t wait to check out the recipes. Thanks for posting them. Feel better soon.

  14. Oh, and I forgot, it’s simply not fair when Mommy gets sick. We still have to take care of our children, yet when Daddy is sick, he goes to bed and doesn’t have to do anything. Seriously, the last time I had a stomach virus, I made hubby stay home from work and take care of me and the kids.

  15. Thanks for turning me on to Facebook, what a fun thing! Here’s one of my favorites for the crock pot:

    Taco Soup
    Combine all of the following in the crock pot and cook on low for about 5 hours or high for a good 3 hours.

    1 (15 oz.-15.5 oz.) can of the each of the following: black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, chili beans, Italian flavored tomato sauce

    Two empty bean cans worth of water (about 30 oz.)

    One 24 oz. can crushed tomatoes
    One regular size jar salsa (your choice on mild or spicy or style!)
    One bunch of cilantro (it works better in the soup if you blend it up before adding)

    Top with shredded cheese, sour cream and we like FRITOS for some crunch! YUMMY! Let me know how it turns out if you make it.

    Also, there’s a great cookbook I use called “101 Things to Do With a Slowcooker”. Very fun!

  16. I’ve posted a lot of old family recipes on the site where we ‘met’.

    How about howtowdie, or cullen skink or partan bree or venison collops or black bun or…..?!

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