Photo Hunt: View

This is one of my favourite views in Glasgow.  I love (and miss) the architecture here.  It can be — and was — taken for granted so easily.  This is Royal Exchange Square, just off of Buchanan Street.

And yes, it was raining.  It’s Scotland we’re talking about here after all, not The Algarve.


33 responses to “Photo Hunt: View

  1. Sadly it isn’t showing. Shame It’s to long since I’ve been to Glasgow. Happy weekend

  2. Great view – I love seeing pics of Scotland. 🙂

  3. Great shot, I can’t believe it was raining lol
    View mine if you wish here thanks…

  4. Some very impressive Victorian buildings – similar to parts of Manchester in many ways .

  5. Ah but what is Britain without a little rain to soften the view! Nice shot!

  6. Nice shot! Love rainy photos!

  7. It’s a shame they don’t make buildings like that anymore- they have so much more character than the modern ones.

  8. do like the prominent placement of bins there!!

  9. What a wonderful view! I would love to visit and see those building up close – such spectacular architecture. 🙂

    My view is here

  10. Gorgeous! I love European architecture. The rain just enhances this shot…

    I finally woke up and posted, so I hope you’ll stop by:


  11. I heard about how cold it gets in Scotland. I was supposed to go there on a business trip but it never pushed through. My coworkers who went there had beautiful pics to share with us after.

  12. My favourite view so far! I hadn’t expected TGI Fridays. 8-]

  13. I can see how you can miss this… such lovely memories this photo must evoke.

  14. We didn’t get to see much of Glasgow but Edinburgh was beautiful. It reminded me of a Dickens novel.

  15. Classic architecture… I wish the states had more of it. What a great shot.

  16. Great city and architecture for sure!

  17. That really is quite lovely.

  18. Lovely! Amazing how much you miss all that architecture and history when you don’t have it any more isn’t it?

  19. Great shot, the architecture is fantastic. Enjoy your weekend.

  20. Que bonita la vista. Estoy muy agradacido que etabamos alla con la familia.

    P.S. Tengo hambre, que es lo que esta hechando para la cena?

  21. Love the pic. Nice use of topic

  22. I just c’t wait to go there period!

    Just noticing Bryan’s comment…do you speak that spanish?

  23. Beautiful. I really MUST go and see it for myself sometime.

  24. That is a fantastic picture! I know exactly what you mean about taking it for granted. I used to down town Chicago…amazing architecture! After a while it just seemed like big buildings. Now I live in the desert, and I miss the big buildings! I love the mountains though, so I try to appreciate them every day because I know I won’t live here forever.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. My boys are 2 and 1/2 years apart. So far it seems to be a good age gap!

  25. i’ve only been to europe once, but i remember how different it was to wander amid structures that had been there for centuries. i felt as if i was walking through history. very nice picture!

  26. I love it! It is very similar to some of the old buildings tucked away in Melbourne Australia.

  27. Gorgeous. And, those wily Buchanans. They got a decent tartan – wee bastards.

  28. The architecture is beautiful. And I do believe the wet terrain adds to the photo 🙂

  29. Unusually, for a native of Edinburgh, I love wandering round some of the areas of central Glasgow, eg George Square and Kelvingrove!

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