How I Snagged a NYT Bestseller for Free

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I love to read.  Let me rephrase that:  I love to read books without pictures – although I will make an exception with The Gruffalo – and I try to grab the chance whenever I can; although I will say this, I don’t get the opportunity to read quite as much as I’d like due to little person obligations x2.  When I do find and make the time, the R.E.M.-like eye movements drop me right to sleep within twenty minutes.  It’s a curse.

I always hover around the book displays in Costco (and why is there always a weird trainspotting, anorak-wearing, mid-forties guy there that looks me up and down and grins?) and look for my next prey.  Sometimes I see something I really want — like the other day.  I went in for the kill and snagged it right up.  What a steal at $6.89!

As we were nearing the tills/checkout/cash registers/whatever they’re bloody called, I remembered that I’d forgotten my sweet coupon book, conveniently 45 miles to the south of us sitting on my kitchen counter smirking at me.  I had three coupons I wanted to utilise: $2 off Charmin, $2 off Bounty and $3 off Chinet dinner plates.  Hey, when you spend $244, you take what you can get.

I ran to the service desk and asked them if they had any coupon books left.
“Yes, here use this, but don’t tear any of them out, we need it back–”

I’d like to unequivocally state that I’m a frickin genius.  And just for the record?  My 4-year-old concurs.  This book was essentially free, with eleven cents to spare, thank you very much.  I was openly gloating at my own resourcefulness.  And, I have no shame.

Now, if I could just snag a self-hosted 3-year subscription website for free, I’ll be quite happy.

What kind of deals have you snagged lately?


23 responses to “How I Snagged a NYT Bestseller for Free

  1. It’s rare, but a few weeks ago we got the best ever simple harvest fancy oatmeal *(my fave) normally $5 a box and paid $1.50 – then when we got home we cut out the coupons on the inside of those boxes and went back and bought more… ha! Totally legal, totally worth the pain in the arse… woop!

  2. First, I’ve seen that guy at Sam’s Club, too. He must get around.

    Second, I love deals like that. The most recent thrill was, of course, those George Michael floor seats……….. 🙂

    (BTW, were you screaming “Why George, WHYYYYY????” when you heard about his recent arrest? We may need to come up with an alternate second career.)

  3. I was extremely happy with getting six boxes of cereal for $10.00. Our kids eat cereal, happily!

    So we have bran flakes, corn flakes, rice krisps, cocoa krisps, raisin bran, and corn chex!!! 😀

  4. Forget the deals, have you read the saga yet??? It took over my life. I just read the Gruffalo for the first time (embarrassing, but true) and I think I loved it even more than the kids 🙂

    Great PSF!

  5. I haven’t snagged a good deal yet… =( but am happy about the deal you snagged!

    My PSF is posted here. Please drop by if you have time. Happy weekends!

  6. I just got a 40% off coupon in the mail for Blicks – the art supply store. I need a new stool (to sit on – don’t go there!!) and this makes the price really attractive.

  7. Why or why isn’t there a Costco around here? WAaahhhhh!!!! That is awesome! You rock!

  8. I love coupons! I call them cupins though because I heard it from a comedian once-Ron White-and ever since then I say it. I just think it’s fun to say! I prefer Sam’s Club to Costco though, not sure why but I do. Sam’s has some AMAZINGLY soft yoga pants and tops made from–uh, bamboo! Strange huh?!

  9. In answer to your question, I just basically brought home $500 worth of free stuff due to my friend moving and she didn’t want to take it. Woo!

  10. I always miss out on deals like that…maybe I need to start shopping with you!!! Fun PSF!

  11. I’m the kind of person that cuts out coupons and never uses them. I did get quite a deal at Old Navy not to long ago…but since I spent a mint I’m not sure if it counts? 😉

  12. Not snagged exactly but I got the SATC DVD on Tuesday expecting it to be $19.99 and when they rang it up it was on offer for $15.99 so that was a nice surprise!
    Love Costco.

  13. OK….
    A. I love Costco, and always take my coupons. I can’t leave there without spending a small fortune so every dollar counts!

    B. I just started that book, and I can’t put it down. I think I better go get the next one in case I should happen to finish in the middle of the night or something. God forbid I be without the next book!

    C. I think I overpaid for my book. I will definitely be getting the next one at Costco!

    Have a great weekend.

  14. We shop at Sam’s (COSTCO equivalent) and LOVE the deals there too, except I of course NEED pictures in my books. 🙂

  15. Everyone needs a good deal nowadays. Too bad you have to drive 45 miles for your’s. ;-(

  16. You’ve read the first book, right? Cause that is the 2nd one. Congrats on the deal.

  17. I love a deal. Kudos for quick thinking and still getting the coupons. 🙂

  18. I’m very good at cutting out coupons and organizing them…not so good at remembering to use them! Oops! That’s the flaw in my plan.

    My favorite thing to do at the grocery store (which is my LEAST favorite errand, BTW) is to wait until they have rung in all of my items before I give them my “advantage card” (or whatever the heck it’s called) and watch the total go down, down, down. It’s like hitting the lottery!! (Oh what a sad, sad life I lead!)

  19. I take advantage of every Barnes and Noble discount and every Bed Bath and Beyond. I also love the 40% off one item at Michaels.
    I have to say you get the prize for that did not mention if you have read it yet!

  20. I did quite love that series. For the week that it took me to read it, I barely cleaned my house. Which really is par for the course actually…

    My best deals come in purchasing stampin up. Other people buy off me, I get all the free stamps and merchandise. It works for me.

  21. happy reading. talk to aff and me after you get through book 4 😉

  22. Hello!!! Please tell me you bought all 4 books…or at least the first 3…You know this is the SECOND book of the series! 🙂 lol!

    Oh yes…did I get any deals

    No…My luck sucks that way! 🙂

    That is so neat that Burge was a sealer in the Sydney Temple!!!

  23. Oh I love snagging deals like that 🙂

    My last shopping deal involved a new pair of jeans. A pair of skinny jeans were on sale for 50% off. AND I found an extra 30% off coupon in the mail. I scored the new pants for 80%! Plus, they make my butt looks much thinner 🙂

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