Photo Hunt: Road

As many of you know, my little family and I went to Scotland in March/April to visit my family.  To save $400 per ticket – so a whopping $1600, we decided to fly direct to London, hire/rent a car and drive to just west of Glasgow.  Now, I’ve been on long road trips living here, and now I think nothing of driving for 6 hours to get somewhere.  Six hours seems reasonable these days.  The drive from Heathrow to Glasgow was an estimated 7 hours non-stop.  Now, couple this with not really sleeping for 24 hours and raging jet lag, and there you have it my friends, you instantly have a “it seemed like a good idea at the time.”  It took us 10, almost 11 hours.

A funny-now story:  The kids had done amazingly on the three flights (Missoula to Denver, Denver to Dullas, Dullas to London) and we stopped not long after we left London at a Warwick (Woh-rick) Welcome Break (a cool rest stop).  I was crammed in the front seat with luggage around me and barely had enough room to wiggle my toes.  Ian declares, “Mummy, I’ve got throw ups.”  “Wha?!”  Yeah, I had to scramble to the back door tripping over my bags and catching my coat in the door.  Irony doesn’t even cut it.

Below are photos of random places on the M6, one of England’s most notoriously dangerous motorways.  Sounds fun, eh?  This is on the trip back down to London, although we were technically still in the north (of England) here.

The white dots on the hillside?  Sheep.


20 responses to “Photo Hunt: Road

  1. Gorgeous! I loved the drive that I took from Liverpool to North Wales. The scenery is just so pretty there, in general.

    P.S. At least he warned you he was going to throw up…

  2. I looooved Scotland. the highlands were so so beautiful.

  3. Love the green landscape in the last 2!

  4. Perfect one for today’s theme… Happy weekend! Mine’s up too hope you can drop by…

  5. Why is the M6 dangerous? It looks pretty calm… (This coming from someone who learned to drive in LA)

    Nice green country side… love the sheep.

  6. Ahhhh yes, the M6. The most I see of it these days is Spaghetti Junction!

  7. I like long drives. Great choice of transportation mode !

  8. This makes me miss my Oh SO SHORT trip over to England.

    Brave person driving anywhere for seven hours…that is why I work for an airline! 🙂

  9. Beautiful pictures. I so want to go back to England – and I REALLY want to go to Scotland. I’ve been to Ireland and England and a desire to see the rest of the UK burns deep in my soul.

  10. I like the windmills!

    It took us over 7 hours to drive from Heathrow to near Chester one time. a) It was dark and raining b) DD was potty training so we stopped at every service station we could c) I was 7 months pregnant with DS so we stopped at every service station we could!

  11. Can I tell you how much I love those shots? I almost feel like I can say I took the M6 into Scotland. It’s perfectly grey – just like it should be. And, of course they are sheep!

  12. Some day I will get to Scotland. Being Scots-Irish it calls to me. Thanks for sharing these images also! Mine is up, also!

  13. God I could weep looking at those hills! We’re in a Prairie province – biggest hill is the landfill! Will be dreaming tonight of sheeps on big hills!

    On an aside, when “going a run” on the weekends to wherever – Loch Lomond, Stirling (The woolen mills) etc we’d pass the sheep, and someone without fail would pipe up “Mint Sauce” lol

  14. Fabulous photos. I so want to travel to England and Scotland. Now I will be obsessed with seeing those sheep covered hills for myself.

  15. I so want to visit Scottland. And NOT just to see the white dots either. 🙂

  16. I must admit I thought you were a bit mad doing the drive up there after the flight – but I don’t think there is any ideal way to do it.
    It looks like quite a mild day for the north!!!!
    So much green (maybe Montana is like that but here in Colorado – not so much).
    Just notice the wind power in one of the shots too!!

  17. We’ve done that drive before! LOL And, I have very similar photographs somewhere. My photo hunt is of the ancient donkey path in Whitby.

  18. It’s the ride that goes on forever. Would you do it again?

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