Word of the Week


Any of a wide range of things seen as exceptionally good, excellent or cool:

“The baw landit at his feet an’ he hit it a belter.”
“Who was that wee belter ye were chattin’ up there?”
“Yer new motorbike’s a belter!”
“Ah landed tickets tae the concert fur cheap! Ya pure belter!”

Hear it.

See last week’s (posted late) edition, it’s a pure belter.

Thanks to a new reader, Laura K. for the suggestion!


9 responses to “Word of the Week

  1. Poor little sick man. And, I’m so glad there was audio. I needed the audio.

  2. I’m sorry your wee one is sick. I hope he feels better soon. Meanwhile, I learned a new word this week. Can’t wait to use it and see my husband scratching his head, saying “huh”.

  3. Dude. I just wish I could understand the rest of the sentence. I’m loving your profile pic!

  4. I’ve heard this one, but never the phrase “Ya pure belter”. Didn’t travel as far down as Tyneside. Brilliant.

  5. You are SOOO freakin’ adorable! I love it!

  6. Perfect execution of the word belter! Really must try to use it more often!

  7. After spending a few days with your countrymen, I heard many expressions and this was one of them.

  8. such fun to listen – i love word of the week!

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