HF: A Dog’s Life

Haiku FridayIt’s been three weeks now
Since our impulse buy puppy
I still think I’m nuts

Such a cute wee thing
He’s hypoallergenic
And he doesn’t shed

So what have I learned so far?

1. I’d rather potty train a puppy than a toddler
2. I’d rather chase a toddler with contraband than a dog
3. Terrorising a dog is a 4-year-old’s full-time job and mission in life
4. I now know when Cameron has pooped because Toby follows him bouncing around his nappy/diaper
5. I must never say “I need to be more impulsive when I buy things” out loud EVAH again
6. Crate training is easier than I initially thought
7. Whilst sitting on the laundry room floor with the door closed coaxing a small dog into his crate, anything can happen outside of that realm. After a few minutes, I heard Cameron screaming bloody murder for me, obviously unaware of my whereabouts. I leapt from my position, sprinted across the kitchen area and located Cameron beetroot red, in distress and unmistakably butt naked. I located the offensive material on the floor on MY SIDE OF THE BED, and for the most part, it was empty. The contents had been deposited directly onto my carpet. If it wasn’t the dog doing it, it was him. I can’t win.
8. Dog farts stink. Maybe that’s why they’re called Blame Hounds?
9. Puppies will bark at ANYTHING including a shrub moving in the wind, their own shadow and the bloody vacuum
10. This dog has kicked my butt into domestic shape. My floors haven’t been this picked up in months. I hate that dog


21 responses to “HF: A Dog’s Life

  1. he’s absolutely adorable! no wonder you had to bring him home with you!

  2. He may be trouble, but you’ve got to love that face.

  3. Pray Toby doesn’t develop a taste for toilet paper, paper towels and used QTips.

  4. You should know I’m now avoiding all the shops near our local cat and dog pound. If any of them look like this I too will end up making an impulse purchase.

  5. how can you resist that face?????

    the other end? well, that would be easier to resist.

  6. There is no relationship on earth as pure as a boy and his dog. You have much to look forward to. If you can just get past the ‘now’.

  7. Methinks the lady does protest her lack of love for the dog too much. ; )

  8. But still dead dead cute…….

  9. Oh S… he’s so stinkin’ cute though.
    Your list of things you’ve learned is priceless!! Love those, they made me laugh out loud.
    Have a great rest of your weekend.

  10. Love – Hate… it’s all the same in domestic animal warfare.

    And I must concur, the carpets are immaculate!

  11. Oh but he is so, so CUTE!!!

    That was hilarious, BTW. Some people around here wish they had a dog around to blame for the farts.

  12. Awww, but that face! LOL

    Don’t worry, they slow down around the age of 2 (if your lucky). 🙂

  13. Ugh: I meant “you’re”.

    I hate typos.

  14. I’m there. I have two dogs that I hate to love.

  15. You know you are loving him. They are the best dogs in the world.

  16. It’s the puppy thing. He will sort himself out but in the meantime, boy is he cute.

  17. How adorable is that puppy? I just want to ruffle his ears and tell him, who’s a cute doggie, who’s the cutest little puppy? LOL

  18. Oh I want to just wrap him up and bring him home!!! He’s so stinkin’ cute!! 🙂 Beware of open trashcan in bathroom where possible tampons or pads may exist. Those are like catnip for a dog.

  19. Wait until that wee cairn’s face ‘furnishings’ grow in and he looks like Toto in the Wizard of Oz… you will be PUTTY in his hands!

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