HF: We Only Came in For T-shirts

Haiku FridayThe draw of school sales
“Let’s go to the mall” I chirped
First, The Children’s Place

Next stop, Gymboree
Nothing really stood out there
I left and walked on

The pet shop? Our zoo
The kids love to look around
Innocent visit

“Would you like to hold one?” she quipped. Bryan gave me that look. He’d spied the Cairn terrier. “Yeah, how about that little one?” She brought him out and I waved off any fear there was in being roped into a purchase. I held the little scraggy thing and melted, we put him back and wandered off for some Subway dinner and talked. We’d come for t-shirts! Did we really need a dog? We were leaving on a road trip in FOUR days, that would just add to the stress!

I walked back in alone to look at him and think about it. We already have a bird and he’s much more versatile than a dog! I don’t have to worry about a bird if we leave for hours or go on vacation… I like my carpets and couches poop-free and unbitten,

“So what do you think?” she asked, smiling at me like the Grinch. Eventually I said, “alright, let’s do it.” That was a week ago. I must be insane, it’s like having two 18-month olds! His name is Toby and he’s 4 months old. He’s so stinkin’ cute.


23 responses to “HF: We Only Came in For T-shirts

  1. Toby looks like a Hamish.

  2. That has to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

  3. Oh but he is sooooo irresistible… what a cute puppy!!!!
    good luck with the training!!

  4. He’s much better than a t-shirt. Love him!

  5. Hahaha, wow, that’s craziness, but cute.

  6. Awww cute! I used to not be able to resist animals in pet shops. Now, I’ve learned my lesson…many pets later. lol Congrats on your new puppy, he IS super cute!!

  7. I disagree with Mike. I think he looks more like an Angus than a Hamish. 😉

    Toby is adorable! Congrats on the new addition!!

  8. He’s a cute little critter. Just be careful. Montana is full of other critters that would like to make him lunch!!

  9. AH!!! He is so cute! Congrats on the new member of the family!

  10. You are one brave mama 🙂

    But he is A D O R A B L E! I wouldn’t be able to resist taking him home either.

    Congratulations on the new addition to the family 🙂

  11. Yay! A photo!!!

    He is very cute. Congrats on the new “baby”!

  12. I sometimes get sick of the cat hair ALL over my house…but then know I’d be so sad if I got rid of my cat. Animals (especially cute ones like Toby) have a way of weaseling their way into your lives whether you’re ready for them or not. Enjoy!! I’m sure the boys are thrilled they got a puppy instead of boring ol’ t-shirts

  13. You got another boy? You are so outnumbered! And, you totally needed to tell me the other day on Plurk he was a Cairn! You know I’m on my 5th, right? I’ll never own anything but them. LOVE!

  14. Awwwwwwww, yeah, I would have totally caved.

    That is why I will not go near a pet shop.

  15. Aw! He’s beauuuutiful! Congratulations! 🙂

  16. Oh no not you too? My kids are desperate for a dog and everyone around us seems to have one. Even when we went to England we ended up looking after y brother’s retriever. Not that I don’t like dogs, I do actually. I just have spent so many years in the house with small children (one more to go) that the thought of being tied to a dog schedule is beyond me. (And nobody start talking about dog-walkers or any other solutions thank you.)

  17. I smell (pun intended) many a new ‘dog’ inspired blog entry in your future.

  18. You are such a sucker!lol! Okay I would have been the same way…I’ll admit…the dog’s cute! 🙂

    Okay so I LOVED ENGLAND!

    Next trip…SCOTLAND and IRELAND! But I’ll need someone to show me around because I’m not sure but at the train station…the real live PUNKS with the spikes everywhere and leather and piercings and colors of all kind in their hair…well they were on the train to Glasgow…All of them! lol! So that would make for an interesting trip in and of itself!

    I’ve heard Scotland is prettier then England? What’s your take?

    Found out that I am from a scottish clan…back in my heritage somewhere…that is what you learn when you go ta Geneology Family Reunion! lol!

    Now I just need to find out which one! They told me but I forgot! lol!

  19. Oh, better you than me!!

    I think puppies are more difficult than babies. But he is really cute!

  20. No wonder you couldn’t resist him.

  21. He is growing on us… like a fungus. How can you not love a playful little dog….That poops and pees on everything just before he chews it up :o) Welcome to the family Toby Hamish W.

  22. Hiya
    We’ve always had cairns – a Hector, a Hamish, an Aengus.. All Kennel Club approved breeders. Last one we had to drive 300 miles to view and see if the breeder felt we were ‘suitable’ to own him!

    Sadly lost Hector a couple of years back – and haven’t been brave enough to go through it again.

    The boys will love him as they grow and so does he..

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