We arrived at my in-laws’ place late last night after a 9-hour road trip.  We’ll be here and then at a cabin in Yellowstone until the 14th.  I just wanted to thank everyone that took the time to comment and offer love and support, it definitely has not gone unnoticed.  Thank you all.

I’ll still be posting, but perhaps not as frequently until we get back.  Feel free to go through my stuff while my back’s turned.


8 responses to “Intermission

  1. Take it easy, and enjoy your holiday.

  2. You, and your boys and your husband – have a GREAT time.


  3. Have a great time! (Take lots of photos!)


  4. I hope you have a lovely and relaxing time!

  5. You won’t be posting as frequently? You can’t do that to me. I need my doses of extreme Scottish sarcasm. And, the word of the week.

  6. I hope you all had a gorgeous, peaceful drive. Enjoy your vacation!

  7. Have a good holiday hen and we’ll see ya when ya get back!

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