Photo Hunt: Clouds

A very cloudy (and bitter cold and windy) day in March in Scotland.
Love the look on his face, he was so mad at me – pahaha!


11 responses to “Photo Hunt: Clouds

  1. Very cute picture..even if he is mad at you

  2. not a very happy camper… adorable all the same! =)

    here’s mine..

  3. have to echo karen on this. 😉 priceless!

  4. He has more than one kind of storm cloud over his head. 🙂

  5. The clouds look like they are sittin’ on the railing. He doesn’t look to happy, does he… hehe

  6. He doesn’t look happy at all. Great shot.

  7. I ADORE photos of grumpy children. (Does that make me a mean person?)

  8. Hah! Mr. Grumpy Butt. I see he lives in YOUR family, too.

  9. Just look at those furrowed brows! Abby could give him a run for his money. 😉

  10. Gosh that looks about the same as the weather we’ve just experienced back in England although, of course, now that we’ve left, it’s apparently warmed up a bit!

  11. I really like this photo-it definitely tells a story, but the subject is the adorable boy.

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