Word of the Week


Used where others would say gone.

“He hisnae went back since.”

If someone says “The door went” this doesn’t mean that it has independently parted company with its hinges and disappeared, but that there has been a knock at the door.  The same applies to telephones, bells, sirens etc.:

“We’ll make it.  The bell hasnae went yet.”*

*school bell, that is.

Hear it.

P.S. I totally love how utterz.com gives me a bloody lisp.  It’s fantastic!


7 responses to “Word of the Week

  1. I love hearing your accent! That is so awesome!

  2. Love that!
    And OMG, could he be ANY cuter?????

    We have friends through Boy Scouts who are from England, and their kids (who were young when they moved here) lost their accent at school as well.

    Course, it’s be really fabulous if all of these accents that were getting lost would be “taken home” by someone else, wouldn’t it? 🙂

  3. I totally love the sound of your voice and your son is so cute!! There is a definite accent there – but I don’t know that anyone would ever call that Scottish. Just a lovely lilt to his speech.

  4. i always enjoy listening to your “word of the week” but it was an extra treat to hear your son’s contribution this week. i’m looking forward to your next utterz already.

  5. I sit here and try to repeat after you but I am a hopless cause…maybe if I keep tuning in I’ll get it.

    My speakers were kinda crappy or I couldn’t hear your son very well…but I couldn’t give you a definite yes or no on if he sounds “americanized”or not…I think he does? But all I have to compare him to is your voice over UTTERZ and the scottish soccer player I talked with a month ago…so don’t know if my vote counts or not? 🙂

  6. That is soooo awesome! I love the audio thing. That is neat!

  7. I didn’t think his accent was all that pronounced. But, oh my goodness!! He wanted to clean his room? HAHAHAH And, read his book more than talk to us. I loved it, S. How adorable to have him share. I’ve tried to stick a camera in front of “Knute” and he says, “Goo goo gaga.” EVERY fargin time.

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