The Questions Running Through Ma Heid

1. Why is it when you’re trying to be quiet and creep through a room so as not to awake the occupant, your toes crack like bottle rockets?

2. Am I alone in thinking this, or is it weird that my new Mennonite neighbours across the street are lying sunbathing wearing bikinis and their hats?

3. Why do I get in lulls when it comes to blogging?

4. I need to go to bed earlier instead of sorting my iTunes music into playlists. I invariably end up listening to the Bobby Brown Ghostbusters theme tune, and have no shame admitting it either.

5. Six nights and counting until we need to pack for a trip out-of-state. I hate packing. I hate coming back to a disorganised house, but I know it’s going to happen too. Can I pay someone to do it and pick up after us?

6. Why do I have 11 posts in my drafts? I need to grow some cachungas and post them.

7. I’ve had a Netflix film for 2.5 weeks, what’s wrong with me?

8. How can someone who worked for an in-bound call centre (and loved it) occasionally get phone phobia?

9. Is it wrong to name your descrete Mummy Tummy pooch? We’ve become friends. His name is Juan and he loves mint Oreo double stuft by the row. I think it’s time for the treadmill again.

10. Slip n’ slides are so liberating. What is it about deliberately falling on your backside that brings so much unadulterated joy? I jumped into the boys’ two-sided pool yesterday, skidded and biffed it too. Felt great.

11. Why is ripping your nappy/diaper off (with a gift) first thing so appealing?

12. Why do I never get around to reading my Bloglines feedreader these days?

13. What kind of recycling plant doesn’t accept glass? Mine. Seems strange to me.

14. Why can’t I just finish the book I’m reading?


12 responses to “The Questions Running Through Ma Heid

  1. The answer to most of the above is some variant on time. Go figure.

  2. Sunbathing Mennonites? *snort*

  3. Yeah. That Mennonite thing had me, too.

  4. Re: the slip n’ slide…YOU ARE BRAVE. I was always afraid to fall and break my neck as well as other assorted bones.

    I’m sensing you’ve got summer stress. The answer to all of it? Go get a massage. Maybe a pedicure. And a manicure. You won’t complete anything on your list, but you’ll be so relaxed and feel so lovely that you won’t care as much. 🙂

  5. With you on 14 quite often. And if it makes you feel a tad better for no. 7 – I had a netflix film for 40 weeks and STILL sent it back having never watched it!!!

  6. HAHAHAHA!!! You crack me up!!! Too freaking funny. Seriously. hehehe!
    I can relate to just about all of them. Except for maybe the bikini wearing Mennonites. That does seem odd.

  7. I had 7 posts in my drafts. Funny thing is, most of them were all about the same set of feelings…they need to be deleted now.

    Hugs to you. And love. Lots of love 🙂

  8. The Mennonites question caught me off guard too… and wow, that’s a lot of drafts you’ve got there! Doesn’t sound like a slump to me… I tend to blog JIT, I am sooo disorganized. (You can probably tell from the quality of my posts ;))

    I like these mysteries of life…

  9. Whenever I try to be quiet and sneak around the house I inevitably run into everything and knock stuff over. My husband is convinced I do that on purpose.

  10. LOL! Beware the giant iTunes time-suck! I always think I am just going to spend a few minutes sorting and categorizing, which always morphs into a few HOURS.

    Part of my problem is that my friend dumped an iPod full of gorgeous classical music on my iTunes (that he had ripped from CDs) and none of it is labeled correctly! Or labeled to my standards, anyway.

  11. LOL! I’m with you on a lot of those! I keep putting off organizing my iPod in to nice, neat playlists. Also, my recycling plant doesn’t take glass either — go figure. And, I have way too many drafts ready to be published as well. *sigh*

  12. I love reading your thoughts 🙂 I can’t seem to finish a book or check my reader either these days. Hence my late comment here 😦 Sorry.

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