Photo Hunt: Hanging

A Boy Scout activity to the local climbing wall FORTY-FIVE minutes away. I wouldn’t be caught dead doing something like that now. Actually, come to think of it — yes I would. I’d be caught. And dead.

Shot taken by my husband.


38 responses to “Photo Hunt: Hanging

  1. Scary! I don’t like that too, lol

  2. I’m too old to do it, but it does look like fun!

  3. Kids are just so brave! I would never climb like that! Kim

  4. I’ll bet more than one of them found themselves hanging by that safety harness a time or two, lol.

    Cool choice for the theme.

  5. Nah – I couldn’t do it. But I bet my boys would love that!

  6. Sacrey! Youth knows no limits! LOL!

  7. Have you ever watched a TV show called “American Gladiator”? In a few years, your lads would be just suitable. 🙂

  8. great idea! Would like to try that one day (but not too sure if I should, hehe)
    Thanks for sharing & have a nice weekend =D

  9. I wouldn’t try that to save my butt! I’m with you………..

    Mine’s posted, hop on over if you can find time! Have a super weekend.

  10. I would definitely climb up that wall!
    Very fun!
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thats dangerous but fun sports. Happy weekend nice entry. Hope you visit mine too.

  12. Oh great shot! I have seen many of the climbing walls and much like yourself I have said… “Nope not me!”

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Eeek. No thanks. That’s why I always “let” my husband accompany the boys to the Boy Scout things.

    Except for the High Adventure Bahamas trip last year. THAT ONE, I did. 😉

  14. Yeah, I am not a fan of climbing and heights either! Great shot!

  15. I tried wall climbing a few times during a team building. It sure drove me nuts.

  16. I really want to try that activity but I’m not sure if I can carry my weight now. I love it..wish you can visit mine.

  17. That looks like so much fun!!! I want to do it right now! I think we have a climbing wall in town here. Now I want to go and do it. 🙂

  18. Great take to the theme, I wasn’t there when my son got his Climbing Merit Badge at camp, and it is a good thing I would have fainted seeing him do something like that. Hope you’ll pop over for mine.

  19. That actually looks fun. I might try it! Good choice for the theme.

  20. That does look like fun. I’ve been dying to try a climbing wall but there’s none around here 😦

  21. Too old now… but would have tried it when I was younger… Good Post!

  22. I’m with you. I don’t think I could ever happily be that far off the ground. It’s a great choice for the theme, though.

  23. He looks SO little up there!

  24. My hubby just today questioned how they can charge you money to do exercise on those things. I didn’t have an answer. Great shot B. And, his ku was fab.

  25. That’s so hard because the hand grips are small. I wouldn’t wnat to do it!

  26. I always thought that looked like fun but I’ve never tried it!

  27. I know where I would end up if I tried that. Good job on the theme.

  28. Nope, absolutely no way! I’m terrified of heights. I can’t climb three steps on a step ladder without getting dizzy.

  29. I have been dead thick all weekend and when I first saw this photo and the title hanging, I thought it was a wee sponge man/toy hanging from the tap inyour shower. No offence. Honest! Maybe I should go and get my eyes tested again!!!>?

  30. That looks like fun…always wanted to do a rock climbing wall…but never PLAN it so it doesn’t get done!

    Someday…one week and i’ll be inEngland!!!

  31. The heart and mind would be willing – but I’m not sure the body would be up to hauling this belly more than a few inches off the ground.

    If that.

  32. I did that! It’s so much fun. I lost my footing once and fell back, but the harness caught me like a bungee. I almost fell off a second time on purpose, but the staff were pretty convinced I was a spaz and were watching me like a hawk.

  33. Heh. I’d try it. Only if nobody else was around lol. 🙂

  34. How cool – and I think this must be a unique entry for this week. 🙂

  35. WOW! Perfect choice for the theme 🙂 I’ve always wanted to try that. But my fear of heights always gets the best of me.

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