HF: Husband Does The ‘Ku

I have the opportunity to work with some very brilliant people. Many of these people have also consigned themselves to a life where, “if it can’t be proven it cannot exist”. Being known as someone who lives based on what I believe to be true vs. those who live based on what is proven to be, I often get questions from my colleagues on how I can possibly subject myself to religion and faith.

One of these conversations recently ended with a good friend of mine telling me that they didn’t “believe” in anything. Perhaps it was a moment of genius, deep introspection, or perhaps, as I really believe, a moment of inspiration from above, I turned to my friend and said, “Everyone believes in something or they would simply cease to exist. Maybe some don’t recognize it, or perhaps they attempt to ignore it, but when you really think about it, we all truly believe in something — even if that something is ourselves, the ones we care about, or even the loneliness of nothing.”

I wrote this to go along with my thoughts. I hope you enjoy, and thank my wife for allowing me to share it. It is my first attempt at “the ‘Ku”.


Haiku Friday

He believes nothing
But we all believe something?
Science or Religion

Some reach out for it
Life instills it to others
Belief in something…

God or Great Spirit
Evolution and Science
Self Motivation

To Believe is Life
To Exist is to have Faith…
Something or Nothing?


18 responses to “HF: Husband Does The ‘Ku

  1. A deep and complex topic nicely haiku’d! I have found a somewhat comfortable spot, most days, and that’s enough for me.

  2. you’re absolutely right. everyone believes in something. some beliefs just lack a religious title. insightful.

  3. Well done Bryan. Insightful post.

  4. Well done, Sir. A man who is a thinker. And yes, I agree, we all believe in something. It’s what we believe in that defines us, gives us place, shapes our lives and our character. And it can be as simple as believing in one’s self.

  5. it drives me insane when people say they don’t believe in anything. how is that even possible and what are you really hiding from?

  6. I couldn’t agree more. Everyone believes something!
    Great job!

  7. Some people say they don’t believe in anything, I think, because, in this day and age, it’s very hard to pinpoint what exactly one does believe in. So the blanket statement of “nothing” takes away the stress and possible internal evaluations that go along with outlining the core of one’s beliefs.

    Very deep haiku by the way.

  8. I think this was a great haiku set, with meaning, and thought. Thank You Mr. A Brit Different!

  9. Deep, thoughtful and well-done. Your ‘ku is terrific and your response was truly a great moment of inspiration.

  10. Bryan, you did beautifully. And, I don my hat for you taking the time to post. My hubby would scoff at it.

  11. Jiddu Kris said
    Where there is want, there is belief.
    You want something, you fear if you would get it, you fear then you believe.

    Belief is not a bad thing after all, it gives hope, which again helps you in getting what you want.

  12. Brian, have you forgotten your old space?? LOL You make a great point. It’s still faith, just faith in something else.. great.

  13. Very good! But now I have to go think.

  14. Hi Jean, I gave up on my blog. Siobhan writes enough for the two of us and does a great job at that. I appreciate all of the positive comments from everyone, thanks.

    Perhaps the next time I have something interesting to say Siobhan will let me post again :o)

  15. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing this food for thought.

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog. Scotland eh? Whereabouts. It always rains when we go to Scotland…is this normal?
    Nice to meet you. I’ll keep popping over now I know you are here!


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