T13: Things I Wanted to Be When I Grewed Up

1. Wonder Woman. With those thighs of steel, the shiny shorts and the spangly headband, I couldn’t help but adore this woman from an early age.

2. A Vet. But come on, what wean doesn’t want to be a vet?

3. A Blue Peter Presenter. Probably only the Brits’ll get this. I really did though.

4. A Zoo Keeper. With my very own zoo, thank you very much.

5. A Policewoman. I was 1″ too short in Scotland, and they require perfect eyesight, the bams. I’d never entertain the thought here…

6. The Littlest Hobo. Oh, to be a wolf-looking dog wandering aimlessly, and have perfect strangers take you in, only to rip out their hearts and move on.

7. An Artist in Paris. I don’t know why the locale mattered, but it did. I eventually went to Caen, France when I was 15 and sat and drew a picture when I was there. I think it was close enough for me.

8. Cabin Crew/Trolley Dolly. I only wanted to do this because a friend did. The thought didn’t last long.

9. Dog Trainer. I’ve never even owned a dog. Ever.

10. A Background Dancer. Fine, I still want to. Don’t hate, and stop laughing.

11. A Ventriloquist. Something about sticking my hand up the backside of a puppet was oddly appealing.

12. A Stand-Up Comedian. I’ve always been funnier out of the blog. Of course, this is my opinion.

13. A Guest on the Muppet Show. Big fan. Huge fan. Although in saying that, the Swedish Chef and that specy bloke, Beaker, freaked me out though.

What were some things on your list?


8 responses to “T13: Things I Wanted to Be When I Grewed Up

  1. I love that you listed “Guest on the Muppet Show”. Hilarious! I always loved the Muppet Show and never even thought of how cool it would be to be a guest. Kermit could flirt with you and make Miss Piggy jealous…

    And I totally would LOVE to be a background dancer. Who would you dance for?

  2. George, of course 😉

  3. Blue Peter presenter – ha that made me laugh…did you ever get a badge? A lot of them end up in tabloids with drug related issues too – and was Anthea Turner one ? I can’t remember.
    Also wanted to be a Policewoman and was also too short – and I agree – would not ever think of it for a second here. Also a fllight attendant. I applied to Lufthansa as a teen but was again too short…. I even asked them if I wouldn’t be able to wear heels to adjust the issue – erm, no. They actually don’t earn a lot of money for all the hrs..

  4. Great list. It came together!! I can’t remember what I want to be, it was too long ago.

  5. What is the height requirement for Scotland? Just curious. I’m only 5’1″ and I’m a police woman. Some states have a height requirement…but I live in Vermont and we (obviously) do not. And I also wanted to be a police woman when I was young. I even wrote it in a book when I was in second grade…and here I am! It’s not all it’s cracked up to be most of the time.

  6. ME TOO! We would be on tour together! 🙂

  7. Blue Peter definitely gave me a laugh — I was the same way! I also wanted to be a flight attendant! And, a back up singer/dancer! I aspired to be the Bionic Woman though!

  8. I wanted to be a BP presenter, too. Then when the stunts they had to do got scarier and scarier, I decided I just wanted to look after the BP dog!

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