Photo Hunt: What IS that?

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Another one of my shots from Scotland? Aye. Apart from being a bollard at the Custom House Quay in my hometown, and apart from looking like seagull nasties, it’s actually paint marking the number. Just goes to show you I’ll distort any PH theme to post a shot from Caledonia.

But just to show I’m not bias *crickets chirping*, here’s a very abstract shot I took in Montana:

I took it at dusk (LUV that time of day for photies!), it’s the gable end of my roof against the deep blue night sky. I loved the colour contrasts.

And this is my leftover £30 ($64.20) from our trip in Scotland. We decided to try and save some cash-ola by flying into Heathrow, but my memories of the M6 were hazy at best (10 hours it took to drive it — with kids). This is the money we withdrew to pay for the £4 bloody toll (over $8). There wasn’t even a bridge to soften the blow!

I miss coloured money. Didn’t have to pull the whole note out of my wallet to see what it was…*sigh*


13 responses to “Photo Hunt: What IS that?

  1. hehe very cool! guess the paint could be anything really .. lol Great PhotoHunt 🙂

  2. I knew what that was but wasn’t familiar with the term not living around docking type facilities. When I looked it up I was surprised to learn the term is also now used to refer to certain road sign posts and certain types of traffic barriers which have a similar short, hefty appearance. Cool. I learned a new word today.

  3. You need to exchange that money at the bank. Get your 60 bucks back!

  4. AFF: I went to get it exchanged and the bank I went to wanted a flat rate fee of $25 for the privilege. After I peed my knickers, I popped it into a card, wrote “Please Do Not Bend – Photos Inside” on the envelope and sent it to my Mum to exchange for me. You can exchange currency commission-free in the UK. $25! He even had the gall to say, “if it’s not worth it, you may want to take it elsewhere…” When is $25 EVER worth it??

  5. Please. Please don’t mention ‘knickers.’ That word gives me goosebumps. I have no idea why.

  6. I could have sworn that was bird poop in the first photo. Maybe that’s just because it seems to be all over our deck right now.

    Great photos!

  7. I’m leaving for LONDON in two weeks…jealous yet? I am jealous of the colored money…so I am going to pick me up some pretty money and keep it!

    Any suggestions for me? Thanks for inviting me to Plurk by the way!

  8. I like British money better than ours. All you have to do is take a peek at the new Jackson 5 dollar bills and see that big ole head to know why. *shivers*

  9. I liked the money in Scotland except the coins…they confused me. In the US and Euros they are sized by value but pence are all kinds of varied shapes and sizes. I saw a US five dollar bill back in March…aren’t they more purple now or something? Oh and CB and I are already discussing where we’d like to go if we went back to Scotland. I’ll have to ask you for some tips on that when the time comes 🙂

  10. i love you guys’ colored money. that was my fave thing abt my trip to europe. i can’t remember now who had the prettiest but someone had sunflowers… belgium? austria? switzerland? idk. as for “a bollard at the Custom House Quay.” *crickets* idk what bollards or quays are which makes your explanation null and void…

  11. Siobhan,
    This will seem incredibly crass but…….we call your pound notes…..multi-coloured drinking coupons.
    Love all of your shots.
    Well done.

  12. great photo’s nice take on the theme, thanks for visiting mine.

  13. I totally thought it was bird poop!

    Love the colored money. So glad you’ve sent it off to get it exchanged for free 🙂 Good thinkin’

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