Word of the Week


This is used to mean senior or most important. The big school is Secondary School (as apposed to Primary school) or High School:

“Ah’m goin’ tae the big school in August.”

Big lassie is a child’s term of address to an older girl or young woman:

“Hey big lassie, gonnae gie’s ma baw back?” (baw->ball->football)

Big man is a friendly term of address used to someone the speaker regards as being taller than himself:

“Can Ah get a swatch at yer paper*, big man?”

*swatch at yer paper = can I have a wee look at your newspaper?

Hear me.


6 responses to “Word of the Week

  1. So then I shouldn’t be offended when my boys call me “big mama”?

  2. Brilliant – we refer to secondary school here as Big School as well.

    Big man – used in same manner.

    Big girl – hmmm, think it’s a bit risky to use that here.

  3. I think this is very interesting. Rather opposite of here. I love your accent, but you knew that.

  4. I pushed enter before hearing the end of that one. I think I might do a permanent link to this one. You said arse for me. I might just cry!

  5. Sometimes you do this and it makes me realise that I might not even know what I’m saying. You have a way of bringing things to light. I hadn’t noticed that people didn’t say “big” like that here. Could we be any more foreign?!

  6. Another example – Billy Connolly’s nickname of ‘Big Yin’.

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