A Lifetime in 6 Months

It’s amazing to me how much has transpired since Cameron turned one year old in January. I was physically exhausted after writing this letter to him. I’d found out the condition of my Gran had worsened and posted this – another drainer.

We made the decision to go to Scotland together as a family to see her in March, she passed while we were there and then I wrote this and this.

You’d never know I generally seep in sarcasm after reading those. Everybody takes you seriously when you have a lilting accent, though. Something about not hearing the different sarcastic inflection. Kiss my kilt. It’s draining the sarcastic life out of me.

So, I decided since Cameron was turning 18 months old today, I was going to capture some shots of him and Ian together. It turned out well. As well as a mother could hope. Now I know why they say never to work with children or animals. Or animal children. (Click on any of the images to enlarge.)

I get them in position, and then they spot a farmer on his humongous tractor 16 miles away. OK, it was about half an acre behind our place, but still…

I birth a brain child and heave their bench from the porch onto the lawn. Too bad they’re too busy TALKING to pay attention to me. Their mother.

Almost a shot. Too bad they’re both looking the wrong way. What’s over there, you say? Nothing. A rogue twig, probably.

Ian tries to steal a kiss, holding on to Cameron with the double hand death grip.

An escapee chases a bloody butterfly. However, I am still oozing the patience of a saint.

I manage to get Ian back on the bench, doing some sort of Playgirl move. Too bad his shoes are on backwards…

Yes, he’s a freakin comedian. I’m laughing too. Can you hear me? CAN YOU HEAR ME??!!

I fake sneeze to get Cameron to laugh. It backfired when Ian started doing it too.

Granted, they’re still sitting together, but then Ian starts body slamming him because I kept telling him to move back beside Cameron. Cameron then curses at him in his own language. Ian looks on, obviously indifferent to the insults being fired at him.

I give up. This one’ll do.

I took this the night before. His first shot on a swing.

I get no respect. Check out his new growler face.

I get Ian in a prime spot and have him wait for Cameron. He was a no-show.

I’ll leave it to the professionals next time, they get paid to be miserable. In the meantime, I have some SERIOUS blackmail fodder for when they’re both teenagers. This is me with baited breath.


18 responses to “A Lifetime in 6 Months

  1. Wow. He’s so got that grumpy old Scottish man face down, doesn’t he! At least you tried, right?

  2. 2, 3, 7 and 10 are fantastic pictures gotta say. I’m a big fan of the posed but seemingly unaware style of photgraphy, looks spur of the moment but actually planned.

  3. They both going to be very popular with the chicks… very cute.

  4. But if they’d both been smiling sweetly the captions wouldn’t have been as good! Do they look Scottish or am I just imagining it?

  5. Scottish, you say? Really? Are you sure they’re not Irish. They LOOK Irish. They’re certainly cute enough to be Irish. Scottish, huh? Hmmm. Well, they could pass for Irish, anytime. Scotsmen, are they? Well, I’ll be.

  6. All those shots are fantastic. Your boys are gonna be bloody gorgeous when they get older. Have you got a fence around your house to keep all the girls away? You’ll need one!

  7. The shots are great!!!! Yes, very frustrating during, but you’ll look back at these when they’re older and think; OMG they were so adorable.

    You will. Because they absolutely are!

  8. Ugh! My comment was just munched! AAAAHHHHHH!!!

    Your boys are so freaking gorgeous! Anyone of those shots is great! So cute!!!!

  9. Great piece of photojournalism. And you’re right, they may love you know but wait till they read your blog and see your pics. šŸ™‚

  10. LOL! That was just one of my many Voices. There’s my Amused voice, which you heard. Also in my repertoire is the Don’t Make Me Ask You Again voice (sometimes accompanied by Angry Eyes), the Come Here And Give Me A Kiss voice, and the Go To Your Room! voice. Depending on who I’m talking to, all of the above voices may be used in the same conversation. šŸ˜‰

  11. Too funny. I can totally relate.

  12. Honestly?I think you have done great here, maybe next time you visit i will get you to take shots of my kiddies. I suck at getting more than one in the frame

  13. I can well relate! Trying to get a good shot of all three of my lads together is a nightmare! They are all very cute though!!

  14. I think they’re ALL fabulous. Candidly-posed (??) photos of kids are the best. They are real treasures. I would totally frame a couple of the ones you think are the goofiest…but that’s just my humble opinion. šŸ˜‰

  15. Absolutely priceless!! :o)

  16. Your boys are soooo adorable! I used to have two little boys like that…somehow, I turned my back and they grew up. They’re 28 and 25 now…how on EARTH did that happen???

  17. Oh wow, how smart do they look!

    Funny, the younger boy really looks Californian, but the older looks really Scottish.

    Sort of.

    Don’t mind me, I’m just following up on a threat to stalk you for an evening…

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