Word of the Week


To get or take a red neck is to be embarrassed to the point of blushing:

“Ah get a red neck every time that wean opens his mouth.”

In a bar, if a customer asks for a bottle of beer by the neck this means he doesn’t want it poured into a glass, whether because he intends to use a glass he already has or because he intends to drink straight from the bottle:

“Gie’s two pints of Seventy an’ a Sol by the neck.”

To go on one’s neck means to fall heavily, especially flat on one’s back:

“She walked onty the flerr (floor) and went on her neck, the soul.”

To brassneck it to try and get away with something by a show of sheer confidence and nerve:

“if they ask ye fir yer ticket, jist brassneck it and say yer with the band.”

Hear me say it.


14 responses to “Word of the Week

  1. Not heard that one. I like the “gie’s two pints” bit.

  2. I’ll have to order my beer by the neck next time I go out… I like that one.

  3. Well, heck I learn something new everyday!

  4. That makes sense. A redneck means something very different in these parts. It basically means a low-class person. Kind of like a hillbilly. My maiden name was very similar sounding to redneck so I got teased with that one all the time. I like your meaning much better. 🙂

  5. Another great edition of WotW, Siobhan. Thanks!

    I like that you’ve got the audio portion back, too. Please, gie us more every week.

  6. Kathryn: we have our own word for redneck in Scotland, it’s teuchter (chew-kter).

  7. And here I thought “take a red neck” meant a make out experience gone bad! 😉

  8. ok i love brassneck it! hilarious!!

  9. I’m SOO happy to see you doing the audio again! Yay S! I love my Scottish word of the week.

  10. Over here “take a redneck” means I just punched out Billy Joe Bob when he tried to throw a chair at me. 🙂

  11. I loves me some Scot slang – uttered by the lovely Siobhan. I does.

  12. Okay I don’t have speakers with the computer I’m using right now, but I can’t wait to make it home and hear you say this…Who knew “neck” could mean so many things! I love this word of the week!

  13. so nice to hear your voice again!

  14. I finally listened to your word of the week…and I could listen forever…I love how your accent rolls off your tongue or any Scotish tongue…I posted about how I stalked these soccer coaches that came over to do a soccer camp for kids my sons age…I just loved listening to them…couldn’t understand them sometimes…but if they spoke slowly I picked up quite a bit!lol! okay I kid about not understanding them…but I did stalk them…would never kid about that! 🙂

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